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Sanitary Napkins?

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  • Sanitary Napkins?

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know which pads or tampons are least likely to cause problems? I've read that the Always brand is a no no. Any ideas?


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    I have been using Stay Free maxi or super maxi for years. I like the cottony dry lining. I wear one every day. I just like the extra security it gives me. Its a physcological thing I know. I don't wear tampons unless I have to. I just don't like the extra pressure I feel.


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      The very best ones, I have ever tried is Serenity
      I think if you write them, they will send you some samples, they did me.
      I also wear the VERY LIGHT absorbency.
      I hope this helps you
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        Ive ordered and use a product called Its great all natural cotton pads! And u can wash them, to reuse! They come in a diffrent size , and u can breath down there no plastic ! I was getting horrible burning and thought I try anything ! Best investment i ever made!Also if u need to use that stuff that turnes your urine orange !U wont stain all your underware! Let me know how u all make out! take Care love Sandra! grouphug