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Chronic Vaginitis

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  • Chronic Vaginitis

    Anyone suffer from this? I have had this for years and tried so many treatments. I'm starting to assume it has something to do with the IC.



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    I'm not sure if what I had would be called vaginitis, but for several years after I first had IC, I did have itching and burning that I thought would never ever go away. The way I finally got rid of my problem was to take showers only (I had been sitting in the tub to try to ease the itching and burning and had tried soda and other different things to try to soothe), I got rid of all of my underpants except those with cotton crotches, cut the crotches out of my panty hose, double rinsed my underwear to be sure there was no soap residue. It took time to find a laundry soap that didn't irritate and more time to find that the softenerss you can put in the rinse when doing laundry were also an irritant for me. I have now been free from the irritation for several years, but I still practice all of the above --- I don't want to ever go there again.

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      Hi Dana,
      I had vaginal yeast infections before I ever got IC. My primary gave me nystatin for three months and they went away. Then a few years later I started with IC symptoms. That was 7 years ago. When my son was born I started having vaginal redness and irritation. I've always done what Donna suggests but here I was with this irritation that my gyno said was not a yeast infection. I suffered for a year and a half until I had one of the worst IC flares I've ever had. After going to all of my docs and nobody helping me I went to an alternative doctor. I went on an anti-yeast diet and took nystatin and found out some foods that I'm allergic to and now my bladder feels really good and my vaginal irritation is a thing of the past.
      Hope this story helps.


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        I always ask people when they say they have yeast infections, if they go to the Dr. to be sure. There were many times I though I had yeast infections and had Dr.check under microcope it would be Negative. But then I had some positives. This year evrytime I thought I had 1 I went to gyno, this past April I went to Gyno he ran some kind of test just to double check, I showed no yeast cells. Sometimes peoples discharge will become thicker during hormanal changes. I notice this especially during ovulation times. Then it leaves again.Sometimes even premenses. I had the itching and everything. But if you are sure it is yeast,then you might want to stay away from sugars,and a low carb diet. Like Jackie has said,anti yeast diet. I try to stay away from sugar and these things,Although I admit it isnt always easy!-Good Luck-JOJO