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    Hi, i haven't had this problem much, but lately i've been having some unusual things going on "downstairs". Most of it has let up, but i have a couple little tears from intercourse i'm sure because of dryness.
    Is there some kind of "Neosporin" or something that can be used down there to heal the tears faster. They don't hurt that bad at all and i can hardly even see them but they are still annoying me.

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    I'm not an expert on Vulvodynia, but there is a drug that I use called Estrace Cream. It helps repair the lining of the vaginal wall and brings new skin growth that is very moist and elastic. I use it 3 times a week, just a little on the finger and rub it on. My uro prescribed it for me.

    I'm sorry for my lack on knowledge in this area. It could be wrong to use for this Vulvodynia....but I thought I would throw it out there.

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      NB again....
      I was thinking of something over the counter that would work. My cuts are just from "wear and tear". I don't have vulvodynia, but i was wondering if anybody knows of something that can be used [img]confused.gif[/img]


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        Honestly? If it were me, I would use neosporin. That's not a medical recommendation though... It's just what I would do.

        I hate that stingy sensation too.


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          Hi , I was suffering from the same thing and I used estrogen creme. It relieved the burning and helped with moisture. hope this helps! Sharon


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            My dermotologist recomended using aquaphor healing ointment for the external vaginal area...

            It is a real blessing for me especially if I am flared as it real helps too when the urine hits the skin down there..
            It forms a protective barrier that really does
            protect the skin.

            I use estrace cream inside the vagina a few times a week too when needed..
            You have to ask the pharmicist for this and wal mart sells it for 6.86 a jar. (nice size too)