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Natural remedies for VV?

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  • Natural remedies for VV?

    I was wondering if anyone has had success for any natural treatments for VV, or have taken any herbs or vitamins that have helped. The topical cream the gynecologist gave me has helped slightly, but the insides of my labia are still sore and have been for months. banghead It's so weird to feel like I have a yeast infection, but I don't. Just how it is so frustrating to always feel like I have a bladder infection, but don't.

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    Hi Jenrobin!!

    Have you tried any remedies yet??
    Evening primrose oil I would imagine would
    be good...

    let me know how you are!!
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      I've taken Calcium Citrate daily for many years and it was one of the first things to help me with my symptoms. There has been some research done on it, but it's worth trying anyway. Good luck!


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        Hi Kelly,

        How much calcium citrate do you take? I've seen where it's said that you should take magnesium citrate with it. Do you? Have you had to increase your dosage of the calcium citrate over the years?



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          I've been using MSM cream for about a week, and it seems to help. I use it morning and night. Seems to help with my IC too. I also take the crystal kind orally twice a day mixed with water.


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            I am so thrilled to say that I have been in complete remission from VV for about three months now! What I suspect has relieved my symptoms is 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed every morning. I started taking it for the fiber and omega-3 content and not long after realized that my VV pain was gone! I then read in a magazine (Redbook maybe?) that 1-4 tablespoons of flax a day helps vaginitis. I guess the oils must lubricate the tissues. I don't know if this will work for everyone, but I have low estrogen and suspect that part of my VV symptoms are due to fragile, thinning vaginal tissue. Anyway, it is definitely worth a try!


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              I take estrogen as part of my HRT. It's all I need because of a hysto years you think it would create a problem using both
              I've read so much about od'ing on HRT and vitamins and herbs~
              Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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                Kathleen I sent you a p.m. re: a question about your success w/ flaxseed
                Hope it continues to work for you!

                Take Care,
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                  No, I don't think it should be a problem to take flax with HRT, since it is not an herb. To my knowledge, it doesn't work on estrogen. But it does supposedly reduce inflammation. Of course I'm not a doc, but I understand flax to work similarly to taking fish oil capsules (both have the healthly omega-3 oils).



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                    Kathleen, is it possible to buy the ground flaxseed at a health food store?

                    Thank you.


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                      You can buy flaxseed oil in capsules at health food stores. Look in the refrigerated section. I sure hope this helps vulvodynia. I am going to try it myself.



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                        Colleen--sorry for the late reply. I think I take about 7 150 MG / day, 3 in the AM, 4 at night. I've focused on the citrate only and have taken it for many years. It's worth a try--good luck! My GYN says there isn't any real medical proof, but approves of my taking it since it's made me feel better. Kelly