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Neurontin or Elavil Cream?

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  • Neurontin or Elavil Cream?

    I have heard recently of some women with vulvodynia using Neurontin and Elavil creams that they have had specially made at compounding pharmacies. They apply them to the outer vulva to calm the hyper-sensitive nerves. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this or tried it as it sounds like a great idea. I had lidocaine, baclofen, and ketaprofen suppositories compounded a long time ago for my PFD and it really helped when I was in severe spasm. I am assuming the other ingredients in the vulva cream would be lidocaine, baclofen, and ketaprofen as well but was wondering if anyone knew the percentages of the compounded ingredients so I can ask my gyno to call in a prescription. I think they sound very promising.