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What exactly is Vulvodynia

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    You know lately I have been wondering the same thing. I always said there is a connection to my crotch and bladder. Went to a gyno to make sure it wasnt and infection. I was itching. Sometimes i burn and itch. When she did the swab it irritated me,but there are times when I have that done and I am fine and with intercourse it doesnt bother my vagina. But I rarely have that cuz of my bladder. I feel it commes and goes. Well anyway when she did the swab and checked under the scope there was no infection and no yeast. But she did notice some white cells. She said maybe I just finish fighting something off. Well I have been in a flare for close to 2 freaking weeks,and I know white cell can can indicate inflammation. I just thought that was strange. I am sooo tired of this!!!!-JOJO

    PS Rnewman with the bad flare arent you seeing a pelvic floor therapist maybe somethings going on with the pelvic floor?