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    I have had a yeast infection for 45 days and nothing is helping. Took 3 rounds of diflucan and over the counter creams. Doc gave me terazol and I am on day 6 with still no relief. What should I do?

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    Have you been retested by the doc for other things that might be causing the symptoms? You really should call the doctor if you're not getting any relief.

    I used to have chronic yeast problems. I used diflucan, but more importantly, I ironed all the crotches in my underwear, and killed yeast any way I could, in my sheets, pants etc., without wrecking clothes. I now change my underwear twice a day and avoid pantyliners etc. Those are the things I tried which worked, I won't say they'll work for you, but they might help. It's easy to reinfect yourself, that's what I was doing.

    I used to also get yeast really bad during exams (foods, stress etc). Just to give you a laugh, I was itching bad one Christmas and I had two classes with the same prof, the class was all guys. At first (during the first exam) I asked to go to the bathroom to scratch, finally after being asked (duringthe second exam), I told the prof (loudly to embarass him) that I had yeast and that if he didn't like me going to the bathroom unescorted, I'd stay and scratch in class - then I'll really be like one of the guys. I did smile hugely while I did this, and he didn't mind my sense of humour. I guess my point is is that chronic yeast is a pain, but you still need to find humour in things.

    Good luck,


    oh yeah, almost forgot, I also eat a lot of yogurt, which from what I understand, can bother IC but everything bothers me it seems so I just go ahead anyways

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      Is your dr doing a culture? I went thru this a few weeks ago and the yeast infection turned into a bacterial infection, which needs to be treated entirely different. Make sure your dr does a culture...
      best of luck teri
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        First to avoid confusion, I messed up my e-mail, so coach and gymcoach are both me. Anyways, I have been getting pelvic floor therapy and bladder wash weekly and they have been doing exam every week for the yeast, so doc knows it's a proble. They can't believe it is still there. They have done cultures. I eat yogurt everyday. I took Cipro for a month and we think that's how it started, but haven't had Cipro for 2 weeks and can't figure out why the infection is showing no signs of relief. I have even had suggestions of cutting sugar out of my diet to avoid yeast growth. And PA thinks I need a multi vitamin.? Anyways, I go back in 2 days, I will talk further with doc.


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          Has your husband/significant other been tested? Sometimes these infections can be passed back and forth.

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            no, he hasn't been tested. But we haven't been together for over a month, so even if he is infected he's not giving it back to me. I did inquire if he had any symptoms, so if he needed treatment he could get some. He said he showed no signs.


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              Do you have vulvodynia? I didn't even know what that was until I was diagnosed with IC. I kept thinking I had yeast and used several medications for yeast for weeks before my Dr. told me it was vulvodynia. To me the symptoms mimic each other. Certain foods that do not bother my bladder --send my vulvodynia roaring.


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                Like Shel, I thought I had a yeast infection that wouldn't go away and took diflucan and used vaginal creams prescribed by my obgyn. He couldn't find any yeast but I was SURE I had a yeast infection. To make a very long, sad story short, it turned out I had vulvodynia. That was dx'd by a urologist who also dx'd my IC. Be sure you really have a yeast may be something else which diflucan won't help. I hope it's only yeast and not vulvodynia. Let us know.


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                  I went last Tuesday and he said the yeast was finally gone. They had tested every time up till then and it was positive for yeast. This time he said it was a bacterial infection. However, I have been using the metrogel for 5 days now and it is not helping either. I have this gross thick white discharge. I have never been bothered by classic pain symptoms, itching, etc. I just want the discharge to go away and nothing is helping. What is vulvodynia? I think the reason it doesn't bother me so much in pain etc. is because ic is so bad and painful. I don't know what pain is caused by what anymore. Please write back with info. Thanks, coach.