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  • What to expect?

    Going for my follow up appt. after getting dx'd with VV. What should I expect? I'm not any meds for it...I already take Elavil and I know that's a treatment. Thanks.

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    I would also like to know what to expect. I have been recently diagnosed with VV, but not taking anything for it. I recently started Elavil also, but it was prescribed for my IC pain. I'm waiting to see a specialist for the VV, my appointment isn't until mid-April. I'm anxious and curious of what to expect. I also wanted to bring this message up again since no one replied at first.


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      ladies...see my post on the next topic under this one. i've been battling with this one ever since the IC got under control and we then realized there were other issues.

      just like IC, everyone responds to different things. don't give up, it WILL get better and you will not be in pain forever.

      good luck

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