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Lichen sclerosus?

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  • Lichen sclerosus?

    I am just wondering if anyone else has lichen sclerosus. I was diagnosed with this four years after being diagnosed with IC and just wondered if there might be a connection. hi Kristen

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    I've never run across anything linking lichen sclerosus with ic. I'm no doctor, but as a female patient I think that if they've linked vulvodynia to ic, then it is possible, even probable. (A) vulvodynia can cause an array of symptoms (i'm guessing ls is the same) (B)i think a lot of problems involving female genetalia haven't been researched thoroughly until recent years (women's lib and all that good stuff...) (C) IC is a condition that has been scientifically/statistically linked to lots of other similar conditions (vulvodynia, sensitive skin, allergies etc.) . To me,it's completely plausible. Maybe you can find something at or one of the ls support sites.

    Good luck!
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      Ls and IC

      Hello Kristen

      Just saw your post, after I had inquired to see if anyone else had LS. I am 58 and have had aIC for twenty years, and now have LS. Did a two week regiment of Premarin cream and a cortisone creame, and doc things this is the only treatment I need. Do feel better as was sore for quite awhile. How are you doing? I have learned that these autoimmune disorders can be inherited and passed down. Some people only have one to cope with, others have several. I have also had thyroid probs in the past as well.



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        I've had lichen sclerosis for about 8 years....long before I was diagnosed with IC. I never made any connection between the two. Makes one wonder whether all these other diseases so many of us suffer from are all inter related. I guess we'll never really know but it's certainly food for thought.

        ~ Lynne ~


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          Can anyone please explain what exactly is lichen sclerosus ?



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            This is a very old thread, but I did find a definition for lichen sclerosis:

            "Lichen sclerosus (aka lichen sclerosis or lichen sclerosis et atrophicus) is a painful skin condition that typically affects the vulva and anus. In women, LS falls under the general category of vulvodynia (chronic vulvar pain). It is not a contagious condition."

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