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    I am starting to wonder if this is my problem.Sometimes my crotch gets so irritated.Was just at gyno and they did cultures,checked under scope and nothing. But she did say I looked irritated on the outside and gave me cream. Didnt fill it yet. Mycolog cream.I have a feeling this might be the culprit. I am on cipro right now taking acidoplus,in a flare and my crotch hurts. This comes and goes.The one thing she did notice on the slide was white cell count was up, and I have been in a flare up.I know that can mean inflammation.I have never been told that before when they have checked my vaginal discharge under the microscope.Anyway sorry to ramble but can anyone give some tips how to deal with this. I just used that bottle that shoots water up there to rinse my self after urinating. I am really getting tired of all this!!!! [img]mad.gif[/img] -Thanks-JOJO

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    If I take any antibiotics, I alwo take about two weeks of diflucan afterwards to clear up yeast. Nothing else works for me. It feels just like you describe. LDS