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  • Vulvodynia

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum. I have been diagnosed with IC about 4 years ago after have a hydrodistention and biopsy.

    My question is about Vulvodynia. I'm not sure if I have it, but I wanted to talk to someone who does and could explain the symptoms. Right where the vaginal opening is, is where it hurts and burns so bad. I am having trouble sitting down, wear tight clothes etc. It is so bad today I am in just tears. Its been hurting steadly for about 4 days now.

    Can somebody tell me what they might use as a treatment. I have the worst doctor in the world right now and he can't see me till December 21st. I'm ready to go to the emergency room if I need to. I'm so desperate. Its just burning down there and it hurts to sit so much. It seems swollen.

    Also, has anybody had a problem with smell down there from having I.C.? I'm not sure if it is urine or what that is creating that smell. It gets so bad sometimes, I feel like people can smell it. I'm embarassed, and no I don't have a yeast infection.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to know what your symptoms are so I can see if they are close to mine. Right now I have to diagnose myself since my idiot doctor can't help me. He's so mean and unsympathic, I'm changing doctors immediately.

    Hugs to all. This disease sucks. I am miserable and depressed and in pain all the time.


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    Hi, Linda I think you should go to a gyno to rule out a vaginal infection. An oder down there beyond what's normal usually means an infection. There are other vaginal infections besides yeast. I'm sorry you have a bad doctor. You are not alone. Many of us have unsympathetic doctors. I hope you can find a better one. Do it as soon as possible. Hope you get better. Good luck . Karla


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      Call your dr....if he still can't treat you until the 21st than buy OTC yeast medication. If there is an ordor, it usually means an infection. I have vulvodynia and I don't have any order, just the raw burning feeling.

      wishing you the best [img]smile.gif[/img]
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        The others are right. Odor usually means infection. You really need to see a doctor soon. If your own doctor can't see you, is there an urgent care facility you could use? They are less expensive than ERs if there's one around.

        Sending healing thoughts,
        Stay safe

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          As everyone else has said, you really need to go to your doctor or the urgent care. I recently had a yeast infection and it took an over the counter medication and Diflucan to get rid of it. Sometimes yeast can get into the urethra and I know how bad it can drive you crazy. Please see your doctor and make him/her listen to you. Good luck!

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            Linda, if you are having the burning and the smell, I would also ask a doctor to rule out diabetes.