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  • New Rx for yeast

    I truly wish that I could remember where I saw or read this, but it seems that there is a new medication that is supposed to work with resistant strains for yeast. I would hope that your doctors would know about this, but in the event that they do not, I will look through all of my literature and see if i can locate the name.

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    Hi everyone, I have I.C. but have had many problems with yeast. I am immune to both Difflucan and Terrazol 7 from using them so much. Acidolphilus did nothing for me. A new prescription is called Gynazole 1. My doctor had me use 3 boxes of it to get rid of my yeast (3 nights of each nightly treatment). This worked for me. However my urologist told me about Probaccilus Plus (order from Horizon Quest). It is a very strong Acicdophillus. Each capsule has over 4 billion good bacteria. Now for over 2 months, I have had no yeast. This stuff works-get it if you are having problems. Hope this info. helps all.


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      Hi Shelly, just a couple quick questions...who is Horizon Quest......and Is the Probaccilus you know a price...thanks Cathy


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        Cathy~I'm taking Acicdophilus and ordered it on line thru Cost $14 for 2 bottles and I got it in a week~teri
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          Barbara, could it have been Medscape where you read about the new medication being tried?

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            Originally posted by ICNDonna:
            Barbara, could it have been Medscape where you read about the new medication being tried?

            Dear Donna:
            I go through so many medical sites that it is hard to say, buy I DO go to medscape most often so maybe it was. I am still trying to find the info, and as soon as i do I will post the name. I am sure that there will be a commercial on TV as soon as it becomes readily available.
            I also have my family doctor looking and I am going to see my vaginal specialist in two weeks and I hope he will have the name for us then.