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  • Urethral Discharge

    Has anyone suffered from urethral discharge? I have ahd a discharge problem for quite some time now, but when my GYN does tests, he doesn't see any yeast or any infection. I assumed that it was coming fromt he vagina b/c when I would have my period and would wear a tampon, I wouldn't get the discharge. However, when I got out of the shower this morning, I noticed some discharge externally so I examined myself just to see what was going on. I noticed discharge all around the urethra and it looked as though it was coming out of it. This may very well be in addition to the vaginal discharge or there may not be any vaginal discharge at all. Unfortunately I just moved cross country so I don't have a new urologist to see yet. Was just curious if anyone else experienced anything like this and what was prescribed if so.



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    i think i have this to. it just feels like a weepy sensation that is hard to explain. i asked my uro about this and he didn't have a clue what it could be. i also noticed that when i tried to wear the estrogen patch i would have these same sensations. anyway i had to stop the patch because it puts me in a flare.


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      You might what to check out the post about Cytolytic Vaginsis, also there is a article on it in the ICA newsletter. I have recently just found more info on this subject. Hope this helps-JOJO


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        I would also mention this to your urologist.

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