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  • tingling and sensitivity

    Hi Ladies,
    I have had IC for about 2 years and have slowly been healing with the help of an acupuncturist specializing in IC patients. my main problem is now vaginal symptoms that are driving me crazy. I know that usually vulvadynia is associated with burning and itching and pain. However, my symptoms are just tingling in the vaginal tissue and overall sensitivity down there...not always comfortable to sit down, wear tight pants, etc. A vaginal culture i had 3 months ago said i had abnormally high levels of strep b and ecoli. my acupuncturist has been treating me with natural "antibiotics" since then but am still having some really bad days. my question is if any of you have these "nerve" related symptoms and if they have been related to bacterial infections or what. any insight about what causes these symptoms and what to do to fix them would be greatly appreciated! thanks.

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    Hi Julie.
    I get a tingling sensation in my bladder that drives me nutso! It's like I laid on my arm too long and it gets that prickly needle sensation. My doctor said that it is nerve sensitivity related to IC. Unfortunately nothing I've taken so far relieves it. On the high side, it doesn't happen very often so I usually wait it out. I've chatted with other ICers who have the same symptom. I don't know if that's what's causing your vaginal tingling or not but thought I'd post, in case this helps.

    Hang in there!
    Melanie J.
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    Living a happy life in spite of IC!


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      Last year I went thru a period of time where I could NOT get rid of a yeast infection. Even tho everything 'looked' normal my dr did a culture and I did have a bacterial infection. The medication was HORRIBLE but I had to use it. Well, I'm going thru the same thing again and I'm putting off the appt cuz I don't want to deal with it again. I know that when I get sick and tired of being sick and tired I will have it taken care of again.

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        None of my nerve symptoms that don't allow me to wear tight clothes or sit for long have shown to have been related to bacteria at all. In fact being treated with anti-biotics proved to be very harmful for me since there was no real bacterial infections- it just gave me years of yeast and such awful stomach issues that to this day I can't take antibiotics without getting sick.
        All my nerve tingling, hyperstimulation, discomfort and pain has proven to be due to muscles spasm of pelvic floor muscles reacting to my bladder or stress. enough muscles spasm leads to nerve issues- neuralgia.


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          I've had IC for ten years and my discomfort is
          mostly burning or a feeling like I have an ulser
          between my legs. When I,m really bad I feel
          like everything is badly bruised down there it
          even hurts to get up off of a chair.
          Hope all of you hve a pain free night.
          (((HUGS))) Ria [img]mad.gif[/img]


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            Hi Juliebean:
            Have you seen a gynecologist about your tingling and sensitivity problems? I'm a little concerned about the high bacterial count, is it still that way? Alternative or natural therapies are great in their place, but sometimes traditional medicine is the only thing that gets rid of an infection. I have Vulvodynia and IC, and I can tell you one thing for sure; it can take a long time to get an accurate diagnosis, and in the case of vulvodynia even a biopsy to rule out what it is or isn't. However, it could be that you have an infection simmering, as that could definetly cause external discomfort. If the infection is gone and you still have problems, go to back to or go to a gynecologist. We can offer adivce/opinions on these boards, but none of us are doctors, so please don't take our well meaning advice as medical opinions.


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              Thanks for all the advice. well, i went back to the gyno who did another culture and the ecoli is gone but i still have some streb and my darn symptoms have not improved. oh well, back to trying to figure this one out. LadyJ, I have seen your postings a lot that your vaginal symptoms are due to pfd. i was wondering how to tell if my symptoms could be caused by that as well. is going to a physical therapist for an evaluation the best bet? also, are some symptoms more related to pdf that others? for me, as i mentioned, i have extreme sensitivity, tingling, low level swelling, a general "infected not so good" feeling down there and pain with intercourse. could pdf be part of the problem?