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  • Could I have this?

    It's amazing that I've been reading about IC for years, and I am just now discovering that I have some of the big V symptoms. I've often thought that I just had a very delicate balance in the vaginal area, as I have treated for yeast infections for years. I am now wondering if some of my IC symptoms are not IC at all, but are the vulvodynia. (Ex: pain from pantyhose, extended sitting, pain during intercourse, etc.)

    I am actually pregnant right now (37 weeks). The vulvular pain has most certainly increased!! I don't even like to be touched "there" anymore. The dr tells me that it is normal, due to hormone changes, increased discharge, baby pressure etc. I don't even want to mention vulvodynia to them for fear they'll think I'm a hypochondriac. But I did have symptoms before. I guess I'll just have to see what happens after the birth.

    I'd appreciate any feedback or comments.
    Puzzled (Jen)

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    I sometimes wonder if I have Vulvodynia.....sometimes, like today, my urethra just burns....and when I have gone to the Dr. for this, he says it's very red and inflamed, but can't find anything else wrong. He has given me yeast cream, which actually does make it feel better, I don't know.