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  • site for bacterial infection...

    talks about the bacterial infection in layman's terms...hope this helps someone other than me. I see my gyno on thurs/the treatment he has me on is making me more
    miserable than the infection teri
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    terri,thanks for the info. i have had a gray discharge off and on for a year. the last time i had a urinary infection my gyno said it was "something" that started in the vagina and traveled to the bladder. he was very foggy about the details but i do remember he said something about labitollius(sp?) i have an appt. with my uro wed for a dsmo,herpian instill and i will ask him about this. maybe this will be the missing link and the reason why i have not had much relief from this year long flare. i think 8 days of no pain in 1 year insn't relief. my new uro did put me on zithromax and i did start feeling better of the 4 and 5 day. that was yesterday and i have finished the 7 day pack. i hope he will keep me on this longer because i was seeing a ray of hope. he also last week did several new test for hidden bacteria. amybe he will find something but i am definatly going to bring up the bv to him. every time i go off the macrobid i get an infection so he is doing a test that "undermines or something" the macrobid. i'll let ya'll know what happens. i just really never had all the ic symptoms because my urine volume can be over 16 oz. at a time and i only urinate about 8 times a day. sometimes more when i over do the water. you see i drink 2 liters of water a day and have for 10years. so i am going to go alot. i do this because i have rosacea and it really helps with the facial flushing. i am also on a low carb diet and have been for 2 years. i have found this keeps the rosacea under control and i haven't had to take meds because of this. hope you are feeling good today.


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      oh, i don't want anyone to think i don't have ic i just think i have this bv with mine and that is why i have had know relief. i have followed the diet, taken the meds and have had 4 rimso treatments with know luck. the pain is still there and hasn't gone away. i just think i should have some relief from this by now. with all the treatments and the diet. i also take herbal supplements and am very healthy. if you saw me you would never think i have ic. that has been the hardest to deal with.