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Is vulvodynia and bacterial vaginosis at all alike?

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  • violethillfarm
    No, doesn't sound like Vulvodynia or a BV. Also I thought that Flagyl was normally prescribed for a trichamonosis (probably spelled wrong) infection which is an STD, and if her partner is not also treated at the same time....she will keep getting reinfected.

    I DO know about trich infections. What you're describing does not sound like Vulvodynia. Now,
    a bad vaginal infection can spill over to a bladder infection...been there and done that too.
    Is she seeing a gynecologist or a GP? She really
    needs to be seeing a gyno who can culture the infection and can also check for a bladder infection. Poor girl, I hope she's feeling better soon and hope you have reason to stop worrying.

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  • dyno
    started a topic Is vulvodynia and bacterial vaginosis at all alike?

    Is vulvodynia and bacterial vaginosis at all alike?

    I really don't know what is going on with my daughter. A week or two ago she was put on Flagyl for bacterial vaginosis. She is done with the pills now and said that it doesn't seem any better yet. She says she can't afford another $40.00 prescrition. I told her to explain the situation to the doctor and maybe they have samples. She said she woke up yesterday with bladder spasms. Her bladder felt full and she tried to go and couldn't and had to wait a bit before she could go. She doesn't have freq. a lot. Put is having pressure now. She said sex is out of the question it hurts too bad a lot of pressure against her bladder with sex. For those of you with the vulvodynia does this sound familiar or can the bacterial vaginosis cause these symptoms? [img]confused.gif[/img]
    Thanks, Jolene