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    Was curious if anyone has problems tolorating yogurt in their diet? I was eating lots of yogurt for quite some time, and did not have any yeast problems until I had eliminated it from my diet for about 4 months, then ended up getting thrush while in the hospital for surgery, had lots of IV antibiotics. (yeast mouth infection) Anyway, I have heard that yogurt is good for keeping yeast away. Also, wonder if it helped keep my IC away for three years, besides the DMSO treatments. Anyway, just wonder if yogurt bothers the symptoms of IC for anyone? Also, for those that have yeast problems, have any of you tried eating yogurt? Just wondering

    Ruthie : )

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    Yogurt doesn't bother my IC. I don't eat it very often --- maybe once in four or five months.

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      It bothers me but I'm finding that the older I get, the more dairy products bother me teri
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        Hi there!!
        Yes, I can eat yogurt and it doesnt seem to bother my bladder at all. In fact that is when i do eat it, when i feel like i have a yeast infection. i just buy the ones with the LOWEST amount of sugar. Sometimes I'll buy the sugar-free ones, but i dont like the taste of the Nutrasweet. But, everyone is different so you will have to try it for yourself!! Good Luck. ~~Amy
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