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    I need some encouragement. I have had symptoms of vulvodynia for months but did'nt really know it. I've had ic for about 5 years and the v came a bit after. It sort of started out when tamptoms felt like they were putting pressure on the bottom of my vaginal opening, sex became non existant because my drive dropped and it was so irritated around that spot. Lately, things have been very bad down there. I had a round of miserable discharge but they did not find yeast or anything in it. So I went on a second round of flagyl and the discharge stopped but the discomfort around the opening remains. They say theres nothing wrong but I do suspect v. According to what I read, it can mimick a yeast infection, but no yeast was found when I could have sworn I had one. I already have ic and have'nt had sex with my husband in 2.5 years. With v, I feel like my fate is sealed. I also have burning mouth syndrome. Would appreciate any advice or encouragement. Love abby

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    Don't know if you like to read, but I just picked up a book today called The Yeast Connection by William G. Crook, M.D. He talks about yeast throughout the body and how it doesn't show up on tests. Says it can cause rashes and blisters in the mouth as well as disorders involving the sex organs or urinary system,including vaginitis, and a multitude of other things.
    I got this book because my wrists and hands have been hurting and my whole body hurts all over and something I came across yesterday suggested that yeast can cause this. It says "Candida germs live in every person's body...especially on the mucous membranes. Accordingly vaginal and other smears and cultures for Candida don't help." It talks about how sugar, etc. cause too much yeast to grow in our bodies...I won't go into it all here, but just wanted to put it out there for you to chew on. I hope you find out what's wrong soon. Dontcha just hate when they can't name it and give you a pill for it? Kat


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      Kat thanks for the post. I've heard of that book but never thought that was my case. I guess at this point anything is possible. Thanks again. Love abby


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        Hello Abby,

        Yes please do get this book!!You will be amazed!Treating yeast has Made a big
        differance for me!!
        I think your problem has a very good
        chance of being treating for Candida.
        This is where you have a OVERGROWTH
        of yeasts.We all have it,but some have
        an overload.
        Have you ever considered going to a
        physical therapist for IC trying to
        mayofascial release to help with
        pain during sex??Go to the
        Physical Therapy post on here and read!
        LadyJ has alot of experience with that!
        Since i started treating yeast SYSTEMICALY!
        MY BLADDER PAIN IS far as sex,i havent with hus for 1 year now! pain is better but i still feel like tender like something might hurt!Could be a weakened pelvic floor from all the IC pressure
        through time.I may have to go back to physical therapy!!First im gonna try estrogen!I had a hysterectomy at 27 for severe endometreosis.(im 33 now)I may just need estrogen,also im getting my thyroid balanced and possible adreanals too!That may play a role in muscle pain!!!
        Well go see a dr who specializes in Candida!FIRST DO YOURSELF A FAVOR!!GET THE BOOK!! Good Luck Abby!!Your Friend,Deedee