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    I have had irritation to the point I want to put a brillo pad between my legs for a good scratch..and I bleed even if I don't scratch it the vulva bleeds and the clitoris goes very hard and sore and I swell...does this or is this a sign of Vulvodynia? It doesn't happen all the time it comes and goes but when it is here my god it is enough to drive you insane and the burning feels like I want to tear out my ureathra, cause the burning goes right up that way
    Please Help !!!! <img src="graemlins/eek.gif" border="0" alt="[eek]" />
    Don't let the Bastards grind you down!!

    Medical Background

    Disc Disease
    Disc Degeneration
    Herniated Disc
    Had a Hysterecomy
    Had Rectocele Repair..couldn't repair it all


    Cyclobenzaprine-10 mg 1 tab 2x`s a day
    Topimax-25 mg 1 tab morning-1 tab bedtime
    Mirtazaprine-30 mg 2-bedtime
    Citalopram-20 mg 1-bedtime
    Cemetidine-600 mg 1 tab 2x`s a day


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    Hi Mrs. H.,
    I have had those exact same symptoms.
    My doc put me on diflucan and I cut out sugars, pasta, fruit and bread and the symptoms went away. I don't know if that would help you but it may be worth asking the doctor.
    Well wishes,


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      Hi there Mrs. H.,
      There is a great book out there by Dr. William Crook (or Cook I lent out my book so I'm not sure)
      It is called "The woman and the yeast connection"
      It is great and answers many questions about how the bad yeast play a role in causing so many problems women face.
      The vulvodynia is painful but if you are itching that bad I am inclined to think that the yeast is playing a big role.
      Just like the previous reply said it helps if you cut out certain foods, but there are also things you can purchase at the health food store such as "Candi-gone". This will help to kill off the bad yeast while replenishing the good yeast.
      I think if you take the time to read it (look into checking out at library first) you will see how much sense it all makes.
      Good luck, [img]tongue.gif[/img]
      May the Lord Bless you and keep you,
      Sparky :-)


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        Both streptococcus and bacterial vaginosis can cause these problems. Have you been checked for those?

        I had the strep once and that gave me the burning and itching.

        I had doctors tell me there's nothing wrong when they looked at me and they didn't even bother to check me for bacterial vaginosis. Eventually, I found out I had BV by reading about it on the internet and asking a PA to check me for it. It causes itching, burning, painful sex, etc...


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          Hi, I had those symptoms you describe and was in the emergency room as I was going crazy! Good to have yeast or any other bacterail infections totally ruled out. I came out negative for everything! But was still itching!!! The second OBGYN diagnosed me with vulvodynia. I already had IC. (I was so sure it was yeast and Diflucan did nothing. )He put me on neurontin as Elavil was not helping! I was better immediately. I hope you get to the root of the your problem as that kind of itching is so uncomfortable! Hugs, carolyn
          "If you have the heart of a child, you can always look for the rainbow. " Carolyn


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            From everything i've read, and saw on the internet i've been taught that BV doesn't normally cause itching and burning. Just odor and discharge. But i'm not saying that every one is the same and it could and would never bring about those symptoms.


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              Yes, it could be vulvodynia. I say could because it could be an infection or even herpes. You really need to find a gyno who knows something about vulvodynia or take whatever literature you can find on it to your doctor and discuss your continuing symptoms. I have non specific vulvodynia that showed up as chronic inflammation on the biopsy and my main symptom has always been horrific itching that will turn to a open sore
              if I give in and scratch. My gyno recommend Vagisil cream, and by golly it works! It has benzocaine in it. Who knew!? After putting up with this for 20 years there was something over the counter that really does help. I also take Pamleor for IC (tricyclic antidepressants sometimes help vulvodynia, but not in my case) You really do need to get a proper diagnosis though, don't just assume that is what you have.

              Best of luck to you, I know just how miserable
              you feel right now. [img]frown.gif[/img]


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                Mrs. H. I just thought of something aren't taking any sulfa drugs are you or anything with sulfa in it? Are you taking Ditropan? Both those drugs have caused horrific vaginal itching for me and I mean horrific. Just a thought.


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                  I won't even attempt to guess what might be causing your problem --- but I remember reading that placing a wet teabag on the area will sometimes ease the horrible itching/burning. Several people have posted that it helped.

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