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Bacterial infection/not yeast......

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  • Bacterial infection/not yeast......

    made the girl at my gyno's office pull my chart and tell me exactly what kind of infection I have going on and it is bacterial. Naturally, he's not in today so I can either call back after 3 to see if he's checked in or wait till Monday. I am so mad that I want to spit. What good is a dr is you can NEVER get ahold of him. Yes, he's great when he's there but he's there less and less (think he's having personal problems).
    All's I want to do is get rid of this raw crotch, is that expecting too much
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    Oh Teri,

    I am sorry that you are suffering so. It must be so frustrating not to be able to get ahold of your doctor. Has he been treating you for yeast when the problem is bacterial? Poor you - this stuff is so icky, and not even dignified enough to complain about in polite company. "Ouch! Man alive, my crotch hurts!" Thank God for the ICN! We all understand, and nobody winces when we vent! Except in compassion. I'm sending you lots of comforting hugs and prayers!
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      Teri, does your physician have a partner in his practice? If so, his nurse could talk with the partner and possible get some help for you for the weekend. I do hope so.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Is your bacterial infection burning? I'm burning badly with mine. I'm on my 3rd round of oral antibiotic's for it and quite despaired that I cannot clear it. I see ob/gyn Tuesday to see if Cleocin touched it yet?? I'm about to lose my mind with it, so I can completely relate to how oyu feel. On top of it my bladder is hurting and I getting quite depressed over it all. Just wanted to see what your symptoms were and praying God will help you clear this up.