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  • Low oxalate diet

    I know that some of the vulvodynia organizations seem to really believe in a low oxalate diet in combo with calcium citrate. have any of you ladies with vulvodynia tried this? i am considering trying it but it seems so restrictive that i am hesitant unless i think it will actually help.

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    Hi Juliebean,
    I've followed the IC diet as well as the Vulvodynia diet since Feb. this year. The main things I stay away from for Vulv. are spinich, sweet potatoes, any lettuce except ice berg and romaine, any beans - even green beans, because they are hi in oxalate. Be sure to purchase the book "Taste of the Good Life" from the Network. It contains recipies that are safe fot both IC & Vulv. and lists food that are on that aggrivate both IC & Vulv.
    I do take Calcium Citrate (Citracal for Vulv. However, if you purchase it, make sure it does not contain "D". GNC puts out a good brand w/o "D" and I find the best one is Citrical Ultradense Calcium Citrate tablets (coated) They're a bit smaller and easier to swallow. I take 1 at 10am, 1 at 2pm and 2 at 8pm.
    Another thing that worked for me was physical therapy and doing kegals. I do 60 every a.m. in the bathtub because the warm water is relaxing to the pelvic area then.


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      Hi there. Yes I've tried the low oxalate
      diet, which did not affect me. I believe, however,
      that if affects only certain types of Vulvodynia.

      I've found that the only thing that helps mine
      is benzocaine (20%) as in Vagisil and a few
      other brands. Then again, I have a non-specific
      chronic inflammation diagnosis.

      Hey, whatever works is what you do. It is a miserable condition to have to live with. <img src="graemlins/banghead.gif" border="0" alt="[banghead]" /> but somehow I've managed for
      20 years. I've also found that the loss of
      estrogen with menopause onset made mine worse,
      and that HRT does help me, but of course it's not
      for everyone. Isn't it amazing how strong we are
      in light of what we have to live with. <img src="graemlins/grouphug.gif" border="0" alt="[grouphug]" />


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        I was ambushed by vulvodynia about six weeks ago---had it in the past, and now it's back. I'm trying to do the diet, on top of the IC diet . . . the Candida diet has gone out the window, because otherwise it would be nothing but water and meat. Anyway, from what I can tell, strawberries, blueberries, summer squash, and wheat definitely make the vulvo worse. They're all on the VPF's high-oxalate list. I think I can add millet to that list, too.

        I'm taking calcium citrate with magnesium---the label said a daily dose is 5, so I've been taking 3 morning and 2 night. Big oblong tablets. I can't say I notice any difference. I read about having your personal oxalate levels tested, but my physician says she doesn't believe that's been reliably proven, and the tests are expensive. Has anyone out there actually done it?