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Antibiotics and reactions

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  • Antibiotics and reactions

    I have been taking amoxicillan for 1 week after oral surgery. I thought I might be developing a yeast infection, but only had one episode of discharge and no itching. My pelvic floor, specifically my vulva, is swollen. I am also in a flare with my typical bladder and kidney pain. But with the increased frequency, my bottom area is really sore. I am having trouble walking and most likely look very strange to my co-workers, who are all men. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Amoxicillan is an antibiotic that will cause a secondary infection, mainly yeast. A lot of people do not have a discharge from yeast, but the genitials do become swollen and IC symptoms will increase due the the closenes of the vaginal cavity and the bladder.

    If you are uncertain about it being a yeast infetion, I would contact your doctor, or try one of the over the counter yeast products.