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vestibulitis & PFD & physical therapy?

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  • vestibulitis & PFD & physical therapy?

    I was diagnosed with vv by my gyno a few months back. Was put on Elavil and told to use licodaine....hasn't helped so far. Well, yesterday I visited a new urologist who did an pelvic exam and says I have PFD, which contributes to the vv...? She is recomending I see a physical therapist (who isn't covered by insurance and costs $80 a session, ouch!). Just wondering if anyone knew about this or had similar experience...?

    I wish I had asked her more about it...driving home I started thinking about what my gyno said - that my vestibule was red, irratated, etc...what does that have to do with pelvic muscles? So confused...

    Any info/thoughts would be great - thanks!