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Neurontin in Germany: To Monigue

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  • Neurontin in Germany: To Monigue


    Neurontin is available in Germany. It is made by Parke Davis so you should not have a problem getig it.

    The drug name is Gabapentin.

    The normal dosage that is found to be effective for IC and Vulodynia patients is 1800 mg. (you must work yourself up to this dosage)

    I am on Neurontin for numerous alimments but am taking a much higher dose than many because I have sevrere burning. I started with 600 mg and worked myself up to 4000mg
    in 4 weeks. I had a problem with the 4000 mg
    so now I take 3200 mg. The pain has improved dramatically in the vulvar area and the bladder and sex is not painful at all. However if I do not take itthe burning starts all over again. I also went through menapauses and can not take hormones and am 42.

    Neurontin was originally prescribed for epilepsy but has been proven to help nerve root damage which is associated with pain.


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    Thank you so much for your quick answer!!! I'll aks my doc for it. Thank you so much for your support! It makes me feel no longer so left alone...