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  • ICNAsstMgrDiane
    Guest replied
    Normally the higher dose of Neurontin the more your pain levels in decrease. When I was at the beginning of my lower doses I did not notice an improvemnet. But as I worked myself up it got much better.

    The normal dosage for IC is 1800mg.

    When I was taking 4000 mg, I felt great, but it played a zombie efect on me and I had to lower the dose to 3200. I am taking this high dosage because I have many other factors
    other than IC that are causing me severe pain.


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  • Amanda
    There is no way to know how your body will react to more Neurotin because our bodies are all so different.

    I hope you improve.

    ([email protected])

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  • shel
    started a topic Neurontin


    I am on 300mg of seurontin 4x per day and it has helped a lot with both the vulvodynia and
    my IC. I have noticed that diet plays a BIG part in not only the IC but the vulvodynia. There are certain foods that do not hurt my bladder that make my vulvodynia worse!! Yeast containing foods and fermented foods! I had to give up my tofu shake(fermented) in the morning because of my vulvodynia!! It was really helping my good cholesterol go up too!!
    Will the nuerontin take all the pain away if I work up to 1800 mgs a day???