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  • ? about vulvodynia

    fot those that have been diagnosed with this could you tell me if this is a symptom. i have a swelling feeling in my vagina. i thought i had a yeast infection and when i inserted the applicator i was kinda swollen inside. is this a symptom. i don'g have an appt to see my new uro until june.

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    The swelling is most definately a sign! June!! You can't get an appt til then??? [img]mad.gif[/img] Surely not! It can drive ya crazy <img src="graemlins/banghead.gif" border="0" alt="[banghead]" />


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      this gyn is one of the best in the memphis area. my uro recommended her and this was the first open appt. they do have three more gyno in the practice. i guess i need to call and maybe they could get me on a waiting list. i have been having these symptoms just every once in awhile.
      do you know of any treatments for this?
      also i asked my uro about this and she felt like i didn't have it,but then again she's not gyn


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        Thank you for responding to my post and for recommending a good uro. I will certainly keep her name close by just in case. BTW...why does she send you on to a pt?

        By the way you explained how long it will take to see the gyn who Dr. Wiygul recommened, I think I can guess who that just might be. I had made an appointment with one of the doctors there but canceled because I found a female PCP who could get me in sooner. I do understand from a friend that this doctor is very good. So good that you have to schedule an appointment a year in advance. I got in because I chose to use a doctor who was just joining the group. She was not so busy. I do not remember what her name is. She practices at Baptish East Women's hospital. My advice to you is call them back and see if one of the other doctors is less busy. You can also ask to be called if there is a cancelation. Hopefully, I am talking about the same doctor as you are. I hesitate giving the names out on this board. PM me if you want the names...Sharon

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          this gyn is located at methodist germantown. are you talking about the women gyno at ruch client?
          my pt also recommended someone at the building right by baptist womens. dr.wiygul thinks that pt helps with the muscles of the whole pelvic floor. i have pfd. i just had a cysto-hydro and was confirmed that i don't have ic i have neurogenic bladder.although i think this is just as bad as ic, i do have a clean bladder wall. a little inflammation in the trigone area. she feels that this should clear up with the elmiron in about a year. all this was caused by a bladder infection and i was taking the wrong antibioitic. it was keeping the infection low so the white blood count was not that high. but it was not clearing up the bacteria. dr. pearson at baptist east diagnosed me with cystitis cystica. when i was not better after 6 months he sent me to dr.wiygul.
          the pt has really helped with my symptoms. i you are interested in pt let me know and i will send you the name of my pt she is at baptist too.