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is this Vulvodynia?

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  • is this Vulvodynia?

    Hey guys,

    This is a little embarrassing. Do any of you ever get a bump on the outer labia of your vagina? My doc said it was an infected hair. But this is the third one. It feeld like what my mom used to call a rising, or a boil. Is painful when pushed on. It does not come to a head like a pimple, it feels more like a blister, real smooth. Looking at it shows nothing except a red spot. It swells to the size of a quarter and then starts going away. It ends up as a very small, painless bumb. Sometimes it goes completely away. It doesn't bust open or crust over. I had it broken and cultured once before for herpes and it was not. It comes up on different spots. I don't know if this is vulvodynia or not. It's always on the outer, upper area, where most of the hair is. I used to shave but not in about 2 months since I had the first one. Has anyone else experienced this?


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    No, I can't say I've ever had anything like that -- just an ocassional pimple or ingrown hair. Do you think it might be some kind of allergic reaction?

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      I've had the same thing and they always go away. I also was told it was nothing to be concerned about.

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        Thanks guys, my doc said to not worry about it also but i got concerned when this came up and it is pretty painful when touched. It's already starting to go away. Thanks!



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          Hello, I have had this exact same thing! Feels like a boil under the skin, my doctor said it was irratation from shaving and it flares up and down and get sore.

          i thought it was just me so pleased to hear that others have this too. Mine never seems to go. xx
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            Yes, I have had them--painful. They are called "inclusion cysts" in the event you want to google it and read about it.

            Feel better!
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              I have not had them in that area but in other places close..

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