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Acid treatment and the results

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  • Acid treatment and the results

    About 5 years ago my GYN gave me the 'cutting edge" treatment of acid on my vestibule for the IC/GYN pain. Unfortunately, it made the pain worse by about 300% and created more problems than before. Now it burns to touch there and stretching it for sex is out of the question. I tried the estrogen cream, but after reading the above posts probably didn't give it enough time. I'm going to fill my Rx again and give it another go. Does the burning pain that one feels while applying the cream go away for anybody, or does it linger like it does for me? I can't even wash with a washcloth, and to be brutally honest, I don't wash that much. (yeah, I know that sounds nasty, but it really isn't. I do something before it gets to that point) Any tips?

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    I don't use a washcloth in that area either~I wash with my hands and soap and then take the shower head off to make sure that I am RINSED! When I am done washing my hair, I take the shower head off and rinse again......

    How do others handle this hat
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      I experience the burning pain often after urinating, and definitely after sex, usually for a day or so. I typically have to rinse off with cool water after either of those activities. Sometimes I get burning and discomfort if I sit too long (like in an office chair.) The burning sensation does go away but the redness and irritation upon contact does not. I do experience a very mild stinging right after applying the estrogen cream (probably from inserting the applicator) but that goes away. I wash only with warm water and a mild cleansing bar (like Cetaphil.) Sometimes the redness/irritation subsides when I have my period, but this month it didn't at all.

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