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  • thrush?

    seems like for the past year i have an on and off inchy throat (roof of mouth) thing going on. this has been since all the bladder infections and then the ic and because of all the antibiotics i have been on i was wondering if it could be thrush ?? any natural remedies i could try like a mouth wash? at the moment i can't get to the doctor because i have no insurance thanx ~*lindsay*~

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    thanks : o ) i don't have and mouth coating so maybe it isn't oral thrush. this itchy-roof-of-mouth has been bothering me on and off for a year. i know it is not an std by the way as i frequently visit the gyno.


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      Hi Lindsay,
      What about food allergies? I have that same itchy roof of my mouth and I know I have food allergies besides the yeast. I'm working on correcting it.


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        Another possibility is toothpaste or mouthwash. You might try brushing your teeth with just plain water for a few days to see. If you find that's the problem, then you will at least know.

        Warm hugs,
        Stay safe

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          I find the thrush and yeast commments very interesting, as I am an insulin dependent diabetic and have seldom had these problems. Yeast and diabetes usually go hand in hand. The only time I have yeast problems is when I have a sugar spillover from not following the diabetic part of my diet.

          Believe me when this happens I am eating incorrectly with full knowledge of what I am doing. Sometimes we just try "to push the envelope," like an ICer sometimes does with diet. However, I do keep a tight control on my diabetes, and check blood sugar 5 times a day.

          I guess my question for those of you who especially have yeast problems is: Have your doctors totally ruled out borderline diabetes?