I thought I might get some stories I have been getting from the list of people that are improving with the gaui. I have this persons permission to post her message.
Dear All Guai Friends,

This is my one year report one month late. I am at this time cycling
and uncomfortable. This one is quite a productive cycle. I have in the past
year cycled everything at least once. I even cycled TMJ 3 times! Where did
that come from? But that's the way it is isn't it? My main complaint was
vulvodynia which is 98% gone now. I've even cut back on my low oxilate
supplements by 1/3 and am eating more foods from the medium oxilate
catagory. My IC is not a consideration anymore but I'm cycling IBS and am
slightly miserable with it. All the classic fibro type symptoms like pain,
fatigue and fog are still cycling but are greatly improved. Fog almost
gone, fatigue much improved and pain so so but better. Some of you may
remember I went to nursing school reciently because I feel so well most of
the time. My 2nd semester just finished and I was at the top of my class
again! Apparently fibro fog was the first thing to go. I'm not well but I'm
getting there.
Guai gave me my life back. Thank you Dr St Amand and Nurse Claudia.
Thank you Tesa for this support group and thank you to everyone who has been
here for me when it was hard and I didn't know any thing. You've all saved
my life many times over.

Brightest Blessings,
Shirley in Louisiana.