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  • Vuvlodynia diagnosis


    I have IC and was recently diagnosed with vulvodynia. I've been prone through the years to yeast infections and/or bacterial infections. During the last six months, I felt like I had a yeast infection a lot of the time. I finally went in two separate times to have it cultured. It came back as not growing yeast.
    Since the cultures came back showing nothing, and I wasn't getting better with yeast treatment (diflucan, over the counters), my doctor thinks it must be vulvodynia. However, he pretty much left the subject like this, "You have vuvlodynia......not sure what causes yours.....could be might want to do some research to see what kind you think you might have."
    Uh, thanks. Where should I start?
    Oh, I also have vaginismus and recently underwent four sessions of pelvic floor therapy. Not sure if it helped, but I definitely notice now when I am clenching those muscles.
    Anyhow, I guess my questions are, how were you all diagnosed with vulvodynia? Did your doctor rule other things out? If so, what? Also, I have been having anal itching on and off the last few months. Is this common with vulvodynia? If not, I am concerned I may still have some type of yeast problem even though the culture didn't indicate so. I've heard something about some people having a yeast sensitivity?
    Thanks for listening and any help you can give me ; )
    La Mariposa

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    to the ICN!
    I don't mind doing research on things relating to my health since I prefer to be proactive in my treatment but I would like to know that my doctor is doing that too and the job isn't just mine!

    I mainly only know what the handbook and the interstitial cystitis survival guide by dr. Moldwin says on Vulvodynia.
    1. Vulvodynia related to infections or skin diseases
    2. Vulvodynia unrelated to any obvious infection
    A, Dysethetic vulvodynia
    B. Vulvar Vestibultis Syndrome

    How is vulvodynia diagnosed?
    Vulvodynia is diagnosed when other causes of vulvar pain, such as active yeast infection, herpes, skin disorders, and other bacterial infections are ruled out. Upon examination, the vulvar tissue may appear inflamed and swollen or it may look perfectly normal. It is common for a woman to consult several doctors before obtaining an accurate diagnosis.
    other resources:
    About Vulvodynia

    To diagnose Vulvodynia, medical specialists will carefully review your medical history. You will be asked questions about your symptoms, sexual activity, diet, feminine hygiene, previous medical problems and medication use. Your doctor should also carefully examine the vulva, vagina and any vaginal secretions for other causes of your pain such as infections and skin disorders. Many doctors will perform routine fungal vaginal cultures to ensure that an infection is not causing or worsening any irritation or burning. A "q-tip test" may be administered during your exam. During this test, different areas of the vulva and vestibule are touched with a Q-tip to determine the location and severity of your pain. If your doctor sees areas of skin that look suspicious during your exam, a biopsy of the skin may be required. Additionally, he/she may look more closely through a magnifying glass at any abnormal lesions in the vulva or may recommend a colposcopy, a test in which an instrument is used to look at the vulva more closely.

    What I can tell you is that many patients have a kind of vulvodynia that is that they have symptoms of yeast with a low yeast count. That can cause anal itching too.

    I hope someone can help you more!!
    Faith, Hope, and Love,

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    IC Volunteers are not medical authorities nor do we offer medical advice. In all cases, we strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.
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      When I was "diagnosed" my gyn was just like, it doesn't look like you have yeast and gave me a printout of vulvodynia (which answered nothing!)

      Gyn's know nothing about it really and you'll have to do research on your own like crazy.

      I've done a crazy amount of research myself, and the itchy anus thing sounds like you have a candida problem. Systemic candida effects your whole body, and although you are not culturing for yeast that may still be the cause.

      You should check out the candida free diet (difficult but worth it) and some probiotics.

      Hope this helps,


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        Thank you both for your responses : ) Yeah, the anal itching is what makes me keep thinking it could be yeast. Or even vulvodynia AND yeast. I've read the "Yeast Connection" book and am doing my best to eat alternative grains and a low sugar diet. I am also taking caprylic acid capsules to kill the yeast. I'll try the probiotics too. I'm thinking of trying to find a doctor who believes in the yeast connection. I'd like to try nystatin over a period of a few months to see if my symptoms go away or improve. Wouldn't that be great ! ; ) Gotta keep tryin!

        Thanks again!
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        La Mariposa


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          Hello Mariposa, I've also been having this eternal yeast infection and no I'm so mu ch pain and sore that one might think it is vulvodinia...but last week I was having yeast discharge so I'm thinking this is yeat.
          Can ongoing yeast cause vulvodinya????
          I think I've read that before.
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          Recurrent yeast infections since mid 2005
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          V V dx 12/2006
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          Current IC medications:
          Elavil (since 12/06) 10 mg;
          Cysta Q (since 5/07)
          Rephresh acid jel every 3 days
          D-mannose, fish oil, Calcium Citrate, Multivitamins & garlic pills (sometimes)
          Probiotics Femdophilus or other brands
          Gy-Na-Tren for yeast infections (started using it as needed since 2010)
          Other Rx:Omeprazole 20mg; benadryl as needed, Restasis

          Past Meds and why I stopped them:
          Elmiron: March to September 2006: headaches
          Lyrica:2 weeks in 2006: headaches
          Cystoprotek: from Jan to April 2007: nausea

          Femcon Fe (2/07 to 10/07):caused spotting/bleeding
          BCP:Loestrin (since Ocotber 2007) to stop spotting for 2 months. V V worse. Stopped the pill in Nov 07.

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            hi trust me i kno how u feel i was in and out of the dr office for almost 2 years and they kept telling me i had a yeast infection then i would treat it ti wouldnt go away i would go back then they would tell me it was BV would treat that wouldnt help went back for 2 years goin 2 to 3 time a month finally i went to see this other dr he told me i had Vulvodynia and IC he gave me lots of info one of the websites is it is a great site to check it out and i hope it helps u understand... good luck
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