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  • traceann
    Back right around the time before and just after diagnosis, I had all sorts of odd sensations in just those areas. I know that I had pains in my perineum, sometimes felt like "sharp/stabbing" type pains, and they'd cross over to the vaginal area as well, it was horrible - and of course would always seem to happen when I was at work - ugh.

    For me I believe now it was bladder-related, because the longer I was on my medications, those sorts of things were the first to go away. I'd also have a feeling like I'd been kicked in the crotch - and that's exactly how I explained it to my doctor, and then it started to feel like, ok the only way to explain this is - I thought it felt like how a man would feel with an erection that wouldn't go away. It was a full-pressure sort of feeling, that was incredibly uncomfortable and painful all at the same time in my vulvar/vaginal area. My doc thought it was "engorgement" and asked me to keep an eye on it to see if things were in fact swelling at all...but before we could really start delving into it, it started to go away, and in fact did... So, that's what makes me think it was bladder-related...

    I would give my doc a call and see what they think about it and any ideas etc. I do know that when I was home a cold pack on the perineum REALLY helped me out, it soothed things quite a bit!!!!

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  • andrea1
    started a topic Not Sure What The Hell This Is

    Not Sure What The Hell This Is

    I don't know if this is Vulvodynia or what... My last pelvic exam was excruciating. I was there to schedule my surgery for a Laparoscopy for what I was told was Endometriosis (later in the exam, he drew the conclusion that I may have IC, not Endo). My dr. went to perform the exam and, before he could even insert a speculum, the pain was unbearable. The pressure on my vaginal walls was way too much to handle (NOTE: I've had pelvic exams before and they weren't a big deal). I was the same way at my last exam only three months before. Besides that unbearable pain, I've been having really sharp pains where the perineum is... It's horrible and it's really starting to affect my life. What the hell is this?