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Vulvodynia and Biofeedback?

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  • Vulvodynia and Biofeedback?

    Just curious if anyone has been treated for Vulvodynia using biofeedback, and how they were progressing?

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    Not yet, but I'm visiting Dr. Glazer next month. Keep your fingers crossed!


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      icbop, i see that u are from nashville? how are u seeing dr. glazer if he is in NY?


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        I found a cheap flight to NYC and am flying in and out in 24 hours. I am also seeing a dotor named Ledger while there, who is supposed to be good, who specializes in inflammation, and who is actually covered under my TN insurance (I have no idea why). Glazer told me that some women with vulvodynia have a genetic defect that makes it hard for them to stop inflammatory responses, once they have begun. Ledger tests for this defect.

        I am cautiously hopeful about the biofeedback, but I'm also scared that yet one more thing will not work. I so desperately want to feel normal, as I'm sure we all do.

        Best wishes


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          I would stay optimistic. I am actually seeing Dr Glazer for my vulvodynia and I think he is definitely helping me. I used to have no hope, but now im very positive. Let me know how it goes..