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Tingling/prickling in inner thighs?

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  • Tingling/prickling in inner thighs?

    Does anyone else have this? It seems worse if I wear pants, the mainstay of my work and leisure wardrobe. It comes and goes as well and doesn't seem related to diet like the vulvar pain, but maybe it is.

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    Sounds like you could have some PFD (Pelvic Floor Dysfuntion) going on...

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      or vulvodynia, it often accompanies PFD


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        Yes, I have gotten that too. Not everyday, but fairly often. My urologist sent me to a vulvar clinic thinking it was something like that. I now have an appt w/a urogyn on 7/16 for PFD too. He says that IC, VV & PFD have many overlapping symptoms. I could have 1 or all 3 he just isn't sure anymore.



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          ooooh i get this too...isn't it strange?? i also have pfd so who could be that or the vulv...we just don't know anymore <sigh>. i don't know of anything to stop the sensation either. it doesn't come all the time and i can't make any connection when it occurs to something i did/ate differently!
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            My gynecologist and internist say it's nerve pain like my vulvar pain. The pressure of wearing pants is the worst. Shorts and skirts are okay. Sitting makes it worse. I'm hoping that as the Lamictal builds up it will help with this problem too.