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    Hi, I had posted a while back in the IC section... I'm still unsure as to what's wrong with me and its scaring me to death.

    I read on that sometimes this disorder can cause vaginal papercuts/fissures. I'm wondering if my problem is vulvodynia related?

    Well, at the beginning of April... I found two papercut/fissure sores on my labia (I had found one previously a few years before but thought nothing of it) following that, after sex, I immediately did not feel right at all. I thought I was getting a UTI. But it was different this time because it did not hurt to pee but I had to go constantly. I was having pain in my pelvic area and in my vagina... so, I went to the urgent care for a UTI. They found "trace" amounts in my urine and gave me 10 days of cipro. I started to feel a bit better but after 4 days it actually got a little worse. And its hard to describe how it felt but it was just didn't feel like I had a UTI. A few days later, the urgent care called and said my lab results on my urine were normal. So, I went to my OB.

    The OB said it looked like a yeast infection and gave me medicine for that and took a culture. They also took a urine sample...totally normal. So, I took the yeast stuff... did not help. I then got my period and the OB was telling me it was just cramps and stuff. So, I waited till my period was over... it seemed to get a bit better and I ignored it. The yeast culture was negative.

    Then I had sex again and immediately after the pain and stuff started coming back... but the need to pee seemed to be gone. I went to the regular doctor and got blood work...another urine test...normal. Blood work was normal... doctor did mention IC as a possibility. The strange thing at the doctor's office was I had a 100 degree fever for no reason. I was also having some lower back pain and tingling in my vagina...

    The next day I found another "paper cut" sore and immediately went back to the doctor because I thought I had herpes. All the symptoms seemed to be herpes symptoms and it seemed to make sense. They took a culture and blood test for it. She also put me on herpes medicine.

    So... I thought that's what it was... got my blood work back and I'm very very negative (totally low end of the result scale) for both types of herpes. She also had tested me for yeast, bacteria ...etc...and everything was normal. My pap from the 4th of May was also normal.

    My pain and such has gone away but I haven't had sex in a while and I'm afraid to thinking it will all start over again. My current symptoms include inability to use a tampon.. upon insertion I burn and feel very uncomfortable...can't use pads because they also irritate my vagina...when I go to the bathroom, wiping causes a lot of burning and a raw feeling for about 30 mins to an hour after I go. I have a discharge (but I've had one since I was a kid in some fashion) its mostly clear and water like. I do have a smell but I'm not sure if its just a normal vagina smell or what... its not fishy but its just ... there. I've also been getting the paper cuts a lot. They appear in the same spots every time last for like 3 days then go away. But seem to come back.

    One nurse practitioner I talked to said it sounded like a yeast infection in the skin but I had never heard of that... I tried the anti fungal medicine she told me to get but I don't think it helped...I think it actually has maybe caused the irritation I'm having now? I've heard it could be anything from vulvodynia to lychin scerlosis, to crohn's disease to fungal to hormones...

    Anyways... I'm so confused, frustrated... I think if this keeps up its going to make me depressed and I'm usually a very happy person. I also stopped taking my nuva ring last month cause I thought maybe it was from my BC.

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    You will want to see a urologist. That is the specialty best able to diagnose and treat IC. It does sound like a possibility.

    Stay safe

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      What I have sounds like IC? You get papercuts, throbbing, and irritated/raw vagina when wipping with IC? I thought these were vulvodynia symptoms?


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        I have the same symptoms as you. I have IC and am wondering if I also have vulvodynia. The only way to find about lichen sclerosis is through a biopsy. My biopsy showed a reaction to a drug. I now am off drugs and still have symptoms. ????? I was told to go to a gyne who specializes in pelvic pain. THat will be my next step. You may want to contact the National Vulvodynia Association They have a list of MDs who diagnose this.

        Good Luck

        Keep me posted.

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          You get the paper cuts too?


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            My doctor says it looks like a split in the skin.
            William Ellery Channing:
            Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.


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              Hey Kitty,
              I had the same kind of paper cuts and pain in the vagina. My gyne took a biopsy and it turned out to be lichens sclerosis. I was given a prescription for an ointment called clobetasol and it cleared it right up. I have not had a relapse in four years. I would definitely get it checked. I also have IC, but the symtoms you describe does not sound like my IC at all.


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                wow... is there a good website on LS? I can't seem to find any good data or forums on it... So, I guess I'm down to a really bad yeast infection that just won't go away or LS...

                If you have to have a biopsy to test for LS, does a papercut have to be present for that or can they just test the skin? Doesn't there have to be other symptoms present if its LS? Like the transparent skin...the white spots? Was the only symptom you had the paper cuts?



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                  I also had sores and inflamation. They biopsied the skin by the sores. I was told it was a reaction to a drug. Althought I dont know which one. I was taking Metrogel for bacterial vaginosis and Elmiron. I was told to stop both. I am now waiting to see what happens.

                  Good Luck

                  William Ellery Channing:
                  Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.


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                    I too have the same "paper cut thing" going on. I had to go to two OBGYN's that specialize in Chronic Pelvic Pain to (get some) help as well as my regular OBGYN. When you can get into a Doctor that is willing to help, you may want to ask if all skin disorders and STD's have been ruled out. It sounds very similar to Vestibulitis. There is a new term that doctors are using for Vulvodynia and Vestibulitis (they are now being considered one in the same) Vestibulodynia. I'm also trying to get some answers as to what to do about the paper cut feeling.

                    I hope you get some much needed answers from a good Doctor.

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