For all patients who have vulvodynia and yeast problem I would like to know what helps you. I have tried everything the dr's have given me and nothing seems to help. I have always been sick a lot so I get prescribed antibiotics a lot and then I get yeast infections probably about 5-10 times a year. I have been seeing a vulvar specialist for almost a year now and been prescibed lots of meds. Some include elavil, neurotin, atarax, creams like niostatin, a steroid cream (i forget the name) and lidocain. I also use aquafora when I am really raw and cold packs. I am in a horrible flare right now, I can't even wipe when i go to the bathroom without it hurting. I have done nothing out of the ordinary.

I am at the end of my rope. I can't take this any longer, I've been suffering for 5-6 years with this and nothing seems to help. I'm up for ANY suggestions. Let me know what you take and what helps you. My dr seems to be dismissing me and said just keep taking my meds and I will get better and everytime I go back I tell her I'm not feeling better, there is no change they just keep upping my dose of elavil and neurotin( when i was taking it) and atarax. They say to use the creams then not to. I wear only cotton underwear, rinse my clothes twice, wear loss fitting clothes, and wear no underwear to bed so it can breathe. I dont use any type of cleaner down there. Just water.