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  • Help for daughter with irritation


    I am very familar with vulvodynia several years ago right after my first child. I tried every until I relized mine was caused by lower nerve damage in my back, so I had to avoid certain positions. But I do remember that certains irritants can cause problems and that certain things can help with the irritation.

    Well, now my daughter is complaining of her urethra itching at the opening where she voids, of having bubbles there, and of having to feel as if she has to go “tt”. She has improved since she has a water schedule of drinking every 1 ½ hours, going to void at least every two hours, and using a timer to make sure she stays on the toilet to void and to empty out. She is also using Miralax to make sure she is not constipated as this can make things worse. She takes a baking soda bath in warm water in the morning and at night. She does not eat spicy or acid foods often (though I should remove these completely or give her Prelief).

    She also had a urodynamics test and cysoscopy test preformed two weeks ago because I felt that despite all our effort, she was not “all better.” The tests showed that she has a larger bladder to the point of being like an adult because she had stretched it by holding the urine in her bladder. But other than that the specialist here at UVA children’s urology department say she is normal and that she is having problems simply because she does not sit on the toilet long enough.

    Well, I have done everything they have told me to do and then some, and yet she is not “all better.” They just say it takes time, but this has been going on for months.

    I believe that something must be irritating her urethra much like certain things irritate ones vulva area. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Perhaps some irritants are a cause of the problem though I do not use soap or shampoo down there and I use fragrance free detergent? I just don’t know, but I am desperate to have her better especially since I have IC, and I know she must be suffering.

    Any suggestions or advice would be wonderful. Thanks, Sharon

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    It's really awful when we have to watch our children have problems. Is there any possibility your daughter has an allergy problem? Is the soda bath soothing for her?

    The only suggestions I can think of are to be sure she is wearing 100% cotton underpants and that you double rinse them when doing laundry. I hope you find some answers quickly.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      My dr recommended 100% cotton underwear, no soap or anything down there just water. Also no wet underwear and if they are they need changed. Wearing loose fitting clothes and she there are also prescription creams available. Although you will have to check if they are ok for someone her age. I used creams when I was 13. Lidocaine is the only cream that semi works for me because it numbs everything.
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        I actually find I do better wearing no underwear.

        I do all the other things mentioned in other posts.

        I don't ever wear any cloths that are tight in that area, I don't wear cloths that have spandex etc in it, I try to buy mostly 100% cotton bottoms.

        Around the house I wear cotton PJ bottoms or mens/boys cotton boxers.

        I have also found that if I buy boys pants, they fit better in the waist, but are a bit more roomy in the crotch area.

        If I swim I put my bathing suit on right before swimming and take it off right away, the spandex and wet is a bad combo even for a short time.

        I also use a pair of boxers to slip on when I take bathing suit bottoms off.

        The rx my GP give me which ended up helping me the most is hemorrhoids ont. if has a anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, gives a good barrier and some have a bit of cortisone. OTC hem ont are not the same, they have ingredient that will make it worse. It may be worth asking her Dr. about.

        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.