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  • Extrem pain

    Im have not been diagnoised with vv but I sure suspect it. It burns, its raw irritated and even feels hot to the touch. My gyno did a biopsy and said the skin is thinning due to age and lack of estrogen (which I have been on for years due to a hesto.) so he increased my estrogen and gave me steriod cream to thicken the skin. That has been over a month and no change still so painful. Any suggestions on what will relive this pain? Please help, Im desperate for relief.

    Thank you - Montie

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    Sometimes nerve medications, like neurontin (generic is gabapentin) can help. Also, tricyclic antidepressants. Besides that, you could ask for lidocaine to numb the pain for short periods of time, or use ice. If you continue not seeing improvement, there are other creams available. I had to go through about 5 to finally find one that helped even a little.
    34 years old, bladder symptoms all my life
    diagnosed with PFD and VV October 2009; IC May 2010

    Current meds:
    Cystoprotek 2 pills twice a day, Hydroxyzine 10 mg, Gabapentin 600 mg, Myrbetriq 25mg, Zoloft 25 mg, Mircrogestin, capsaicin cream (for vulva)
    Other past treatments:
    IC diet, physical therapy, Traumeel injections as needed, TENS unit, heating pad, instills with sodium bicarb, lidocaine, and mucosa compositum
    Tried and didn't work:
    Pyridium, Singlair, Nortriptyline, Elmiron, lidocaine and heparin instills (worked at first, then didn't anymore), various creams, acupuncture