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Is this my new normal? So upset.

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  • Is this my new normal? So upset.

    I had my IC under control for 5 years. On Nov 6, everything went down hill. I got a UTI the day after an instill (I’ve had them every 2 weeks for 5 years and they gave me my life back). I did two rounds of antibiotic but found out after the fact I only needed the first. The antibiotics flared my bladder. The. Diarrhea/GI issues started (5 liquid diarrhea’s after the second antibiotic). I’ve seen 3 GI drs and feel like I’m finally getting some here. But I landed in the ER for sharp pains and they did a CT. I wish I’d never gotten that CT! The contrast has done my bladder in. Turned out I got shingles and PCP didn’t give me antivirals. My new dr now wants me on antivirals and they are flaring me so bad!!!! I don’t want to continue them but dr thinks pudendal nerve entrapment is from shingles. I also found out I’m going through menopause which is why I’m waking up at 3 every night with night sweats. I ha e lost the urge to urinate and am on a pee schedule now. My dr told me that menopause makes iC worse. And so now I wonder if I will ever get back to my old self. I have lost all hope. My mom is here to care for my kids.