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Anxiety and flare--ups ruin travel plans

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  • philip77
    Yes, we have been planning this before the pandemic. But there has been a lot of set backs, my IC being the biggest one.

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  • ICNDonna
    I assume your girlfriend speaks the language there --- and also is able to communicate in English? If so, I suggest sharing your diet concerns with her prior to the trip. Another tip is to use the internet to translate ingredients in prepared foods there. I suggest you have a talk with your doctor before any travels so you can be sure you have medications available if you have problems there. I haven't left the US, but my urologist prescribed emergency medications to take with me on vacation. I didn't need them, but I suspect stress would probably have been a problem if I hadn't had the security of those pills.

    I suggest you do your research and discuss your concerns with your girlfriend --- and also that you stick with foods and drinks you know are okay for you. I hope you will be able to have a flare free trip.


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  • philip77
    started a topic Anxiety and flare--ups ruin travel plans

    Anxiety and flare--ups ruin travel plans

    Can anyone give me any tips or ideas how to plan a vacation in another country?
    I want to go see my girlfriend, but I am always afraid I'll
    flareup in another country. Because they might sell
    food that is different than the United States. It also
    doesn't help that I have anxiety with it.
    I wound up in the emergency twice in two days. I tried
    a drink call Karma: coconut. I read the ingredients before
    buying it and thought it looks safe to drink. One ingredient
    never crossed my mind. Sugar cane was the second ingredient
    and I think that's what caused my flareup.
    I really want to visit my girlfriend in Colombia, but I don't
    know what kind of food they sell and like I said before. I'm
    afraid of having a flareup in Colombia..
    Can anyone give me tips or ideas on how I can prepare

    Thanks, Phil