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    Sorry to have to go here, but I just need to vent.I was suppose to have my implant removed on 2/12, and I had to have it canceled because my uro, whom I had been seeing for five years, and many drs. to find who has knowledge and compassion for IC patients, is not in there netwok (MedicareBlueAdvantage). Soo now I have to start back from the beginning.I started with BlueAdvantage 1/07. We had AARP, had trouble with prescriptions. Now as of last Thursday, I need to get another uro. But that is not the kicker, I called in my prescriptions to Walgreens and went to pick them up, and was imformed that my aciphex/ulcers and my avapro/blood-pressure would be $458.00, I laughed . have insurance and it always cost $100.00, yeh, it did cost that, you have BluAdvantage now, and it's not on there formulary Soooo, you need to get your dr. to change it, or pay the cost. Pay, the cost , I pay a monthly premuim of$129.00 for my medicare, pay the cost, we don't have money for food, after payign the mortage, utlities, car payments etc. I can't get any assistance, my husband works. Pay the cost:rant, I take 7 different meds daily, found out 4 are not on the formulary. I get so angry , I worked 20+ years in nursing, paid my taxes, had to retire because of IC, and then stand in line and see someone barely 25, getting food stamps, medicaid etc.(Lord forgive me) I'm just venting . But I'm not feeling at all my best these days. If anyone out there have any suggestions

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    have the doctors office call them and tell them it is necessary for you to take these meds.. if they do not approve it ask your pharmacist which med is the same as the one you take, that is covered and notify your doctor..
    good luck.
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      Is there any way you can change back to your old insurance coverage?

      I do agree that your doctor may be able to get the company to make an exception for you.

      Stay safe

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        Thanks for the information, I'll talk with my doc's to see if there are any sud. to take that work as well.



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          Have you checked the info at "resources for low income patients"?