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I'm Tired, In Pain, Have Gained Weight .. Any words of encouragment would help...

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  • tigger_gal

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  • SrMaggie
    I am so sorry that you feel so tired. I know the feeling myself. I told myself today that I can't take it too much longer. I'm going to a therapist tomorrow to see what we can do to get me thinking right. It's hard to think that things will get better when you feel so bad.
    I do depend on prayer. I love what St. John the Baptist says, because it helps me to know where my strength comes from. It is similar to what St. Paul says too, "I must decrease, he must increase. In weakness, we reach perfection." At times when we have to depend the most on God are the times that we are really the strongest because it is his strength and not ours. That's when I just try to stop fighting and let God comfort me. Fighting it makes me more tired.
    Be at peace, my friend.

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  • Roxie2007
    HI! Sorry to hear you are so down. I know pain from IC and from IBS can really get to you after a while. Lots of us have those problems plus some and can totally relate.
    It's hard to say what to do to help.....except to try to get your mind wrapped around something else. I work in my gardens when I'm feeling bad or down....and that is some exercise......better than nothing.
    I hope you can get a handle on things and lean on those who are there for you.......or us. There's lots of great people on this site who have great advice, recommendations and shoulders to lean on. Take care.....(((hugs))) Roxie

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  • leelee88

    I try to stay positive and pray alot, I also know that things could be worse, so I try not to dwell on my disease and just live one day at a time..It might help you if you start a journel, I have found writing my feelings down really seem to help..I always start my writing with the blessing I have had for the day, even if its small.. I also write things down that I am thankful for.. Try too think positive thoughts...It will get better..
    I will keep you in my prayers... God Bless You!

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  • I'm Tired, In Pain, Have Gained Weight .. Any words of encouragment would help...

    Im sorry to complain...but im just getting sooo tired... physically and emotionally...its been the worst year EVER.. not only do i get diagnosed with IC...(which was a relief to know what the heck was going on at least).. and then developed IBS.. im gaining weight.. ive always been so tiny.. not anymore.. i can't exersise cuz it hurts and i eat cuz im depressed!! I know i could follow a diet, but im not emtionally motivated to do it..I need my spirits lifted... i pray lots, and my church prays for me.... i have lots of support... and happy people around me... i just need to get happy now...
    Thanks for listening...
    How does everyone else keep thier spirits up.. this disease is AWFUL!
    Ive even lost my job.. !!