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lost it in a Wal-Mart, of all places?

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    I'm so sorry! Gosh, I can relate though.....after my last pain management appt. when they cut my meds, I had to stop by Old Navy because my son couldn't fit into the jeans he had and I was SOBBING hysterically the whole time I was in the mall, the people just looked at me like I was a complete nutjob shopping while crying like a maniac.

    This disease DOES beat us down at times and its hard not to get depressed over it, atleast for me it is.......the constant pain drives me CRAZY.

    I hope you feel better soon or find some way to manage the pain.

    Hugs and Wishes for Pain FREE days!!,
    Kara ~reducing plastic waste one bag at a time~

    Facebook: Kara Kaiser
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    Me and my Guccigirl... she helps me through those painful hours!


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      We all can relate-- I work full time, and last week at work I finally just fell apart at a co-workers desk! she didn't know what to do with me, except just let me cry on her shoulders. When I was done, she give me some kleenexes and wipe my eyes for me and led me to the ladies room and helped me cleaned my face up. "She then talked to me and I told her I was very sorry for doing this to her. She said Mary, don't you just go and push yourself and you finally had to just sit and cry. She said you need to do this every once in awhile, because no one seems to know what you're going thru."
      Glad you are feeling better. Take care.