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    I've not been on lately because of my Mother the Weddings, and myself being so sick. To put it all over the edge.......

    My Husband is very sick with a Prostate Infection. This has never happened before. I can't get his fever to drop. He's normally 97.6 and it's been 102.1 for two days now. He's not drinking, eating, or sleeping and out of work for the rest of the week at least. We may have to go to the hospital if the Cipro our primary prescribed for him doesn't start working. He's in so much pain. It's killing me to see him suffer the way I do. NONE OF US DESERVE IT. We are awaiting the culture results. You know how that goes!

    I am also really upset about some treatment that my Pudendal Nerve Specialist wants me to do. Anyone that knows me, knows that I've climbed over the highest mountains to get myself some relief. I am just so stuck on this Pelvic Floor Therapy. Partly because I am in so much pain, I can't imagine being in more pain and I just don't feel right about this. One of my specialists telling me that he will NOT consider the Decompression Surgery for my PNE ONLY until I've done at least 3 months of aggressive Pelvic Floor Therapy. (3 times a week) I feel like a trapped animal because he won't help me unless I do it. It's been 5 years many, many Urologists in my local area and I still don't have a general urologist in my area let alone someone that even knows what pelvic floor therapy is. AND NO ONE knows what PNE is. I can't even touch myself down there..........I am speechless and very sad. My nerve blocks are done. They say that if you sit on your Pudendal Nerve when it is this damaged, that it will only become more damaged and virtually impossible to decompress. So I feel that the more time that passes, I could have done something about it already. My neck and tailbone are still on fire and we have no ideas as to what that is. I did go to a Neurologist but he seems clueless. He is having me do an MRI on the 21st of May that I will be put under general anesthesia for. I don't want to do it and feel that it is useless, but he may just find something. It bothers me that he can only do it on one part of my body (the neck) and not the tailbone as well, but we already know that the tailbone is not right because of the PNE.

    My Sister's Quilt is done and Sharon's is just started. My Mom is in good spirits for what she is going through. It's been very emotional for her up to this point rather than pain and tiredness. Emotions are so exhausting.

    I am having a really emotional night. I am worried to death about Allen and tired from running around.

    I fully explained my reasons for not wanting to do it and he firmly put me in a place I feel I have no choice of now. In 9 years of doing therapy, medication teatments and procedures AND surgery, I've only turned away ONE of them!!!

    I will go on but I am so tired and upset about not being able to have a say in my treatment plan. This was the ONE surgeon in the US that can actually do the surgery so I have to do what he tells me to do or he won't decompress me. Finding a Pelvic Floor Specialist to touch me in my local area for 3 months, 3 times a week, will be the hardest battle over all.

    I guess I am just a BAD Patient all around.

    Do people actually go into the hospital for being exhausted????
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    I want so much to help you. I hope things in your life will ease up a little so you can get some rest.

    Sending more hugs your way,
    Stay safe

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      I am so sorry......
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        I have been to a PNE expert team in Houston who does the surgery. They don't require PT before surgery. I went thru a test called Pudendal Nerve Motor Latency Test and a pudendal nerve block under a CAT SCAN.

        I know it is terrible to travel as you are in pain, but it might be an option. (There are medical flight services which donate private plane rides and some on commercial airlines.) Actually, a group of French doctors are the top experts in this area. Some of the numbers as far as medical research are still low on the exact verdict of PNE and treatment of it. If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope your husband and mother return to good health, and wish you the best on your PNE treatment.



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          First of all you are not a bad patient. You have been through enough doctors and other stuff to know what your body can and will tolerate. Any doctor with half a brain cell would know that and would take your concerns into consideration. It is obvious to anyone that you know the pros and cons associated with this surgery and are prepared to deal with that.

          I am sorry to hear about Allen. I know that has to be incredibly stressful for both of you since neither one of you are used to him being sick. I will be praying for you and him and the rest of your family.

          And yes - people do go into the hospital for exhaustion!! It is usually becase their body shuts down.

          Please take care of yourself.



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            Yes.. you are definately NOT a bad patient... THERE is NO such thing.. Many would like to believe this to be true. I mean, how much easier is it to make a diagnosis, when you claim the person does not have a problem.. but that a problem has them? So please don't let others laziness make you feel that you are a bad patient. EVEER! That's there job! They get paid RIDICULOUS amounts of money for it... crap... they can at least PRETEND TO CARE!!! Sorry, I haven't had much luck with doctors. I'm bitter. It's obvious. Sorry. PS I have wound up in the ER FROM my untreated IC AND THE UTTER EXHAUSTION in trying to deal with it all, and find answers. No one believed me. I didn't have a diagnosis. I was always a waste of time and space. So I don't recommend it. Wish I could be of greater service, but I think I am far too bitter on this one. I wish you MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE LUCK and respect from them all.... all the best.... warmest regards... and heres an too!
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