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Feeling down about it

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  • kadi
    I really emphasized with my PT that since I had a limited amount of time before going back to work & limited sick leave during the school year, the goal of the physical therapy had to be me helping myself & learning home exercises. That has worked very well for me & now I have one appt every 3-4 months to modify or increase the exercises, rather than the 2 appts a week I had when I started.

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  • waterflow
    started a topic Feeling down about it

    Feeling down about it

    I know I am being stupid but I really didn't think PT would be this hard. Plus I figured within a week I would start feeling better. I'm beginning to wonder if this will really help. My PT did tell me it will take time and give what I am doing now one month to see. Not sure what happens after that but the back massage does seem to help for a little while but I can't afford to pay for one. Then what do I do?? Also will I have to do PT for life if it does help?