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  • ****** at Doc

    I had my 1st app today with a diabetic sp. OMG this woman did not even look at me or talk directley at me .She just kept looking at my chart & went over my blood work from Feb. Asked a few questions ordered more blood work & kept saying (Oh so you suffer from bladder infections ? ) I kept saying NO I have IC ! She say"s( Yeh, You get bladder infections .) I repeated No I have a very painfull bladder condition. 3 #rd time ( Yeh you just keep getting bladder infections ! ) I wish the medical world would educate more on IC. I'ts so frustrating ! I just had to vent this out.
    hugs to all Sandra
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    WHAT A *****! I would get another opinion! I am truly sorry you were treated that way. It is very upsetting that the medical communitiy continues to neglect us.

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      I would of felt like clocking her one! I would of said how long have you been in this feild of work and what in the world do you know about IC? If she had not be educated I would certainly get a seacond appion and never she that woman again. You deserve to be treated with respect not just something to look at on a piece of paper witch sounds like what she just did! Get a seacond appion and also check to make sure this one is educated on this issue. I know how you feel!



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        omg! you have a right to be angry.. I think it should be mandatory for all doctors to know about IC.
        sending you hugs.
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          You should fax her some info on IC, sounds like she needs some reading material on it so she can become informed about it. Though, if you had to keep repeating to her that IC is NOT an infection, then maybe she is just not worth your time. FIRE her and find someone else.


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            Thats a good idea jen....

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              Thank's ladies for your support. Just being Dio with Diabetes , It took me 12 weeks to get into see this Doc. I have to see her again in 12 weeks. By then I will take her some info about IC. I know she is highley specalised in her field. But no bedside manner that's for sure. It just really ****** me off that any Doc would not listen!! I left there with my head spinning and really ****** . But i know I can come here & you would all understand , Again I am so thankfull for these board's & My IC family !
              Hugs Sandra
              "Never Give Up."

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                Sandra I am so sorry for what you just went through. Getting information to her is great and I would definitely explained to her why you decide to give it to her. "IT'S NOT A BLADDER INFECTION."

                Sometimes it is really hard to get into a specialists. Maybe with you giving her information she will be more inform about IC and not just overlook it. I hope she is one of the best in her field so she can help you with your other health problems.

                Sending hugs, Trishann


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                  A kick to the head for that doc. Heck, I about had kittens when the judge on Friday knew what RSD and IC were. I guess one person at a time we'll get there but it sure stinks when you have to constantly repeat yourself to a medical professional. I know how long you have to wait in Canada to see specialists and it must be frustrating when they are brain dead.

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