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I'm having a pitty party

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    AMEN Diana!!

    We are all entitled to a pity party occasionally. IC is awful - some months (or weeks or days) are much better than others.

    Using the boards is a great way to "talk" with people who really DO understand how you feel. Taking your meds, and even changing some with your doc's approval, can help you over this hump. (My last flare lasted 3 months and is finally letting up...)

    Here's hoping you feel better soon - that we ALL can have a better tomorrow!

    IC diagnosis 1999
    Meds: Elmiron
    hydroxyzine hcl
    DMSO as needed
    valium as needed
    librax 3x day

    TENS therapy

    Thanks to all on the boards - YOU have helped more than I can say!

    A person's true wealth is the good he or she does in the world.


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      Thanks again ladies for the support!!!

      Well today is a lil better, I'm in pain really every day just some days worse then others u know.

      But I'm in way better spirits today then a few days ago.

      Oh and my son is He has one on the top and the bottom coming in. The top is almost cut and the bottom is starting to cut. So that now makes a total of 8 teeth at 8 months old. Wow

      Oh and guess what.....he is walking!!! Yes, walking...he took his first steps a few weeks ago, but now he will walk from my chair to another chair. He is not off and running but he is walking. It is so cute to see.

      Take care ladies and again Thank you
      Live your life to YOUR best, and Love to YOUR best!!!

      DX in 03 with Shingles
      Removal of Left ovary due to Cyst in 2005,
      I have had cyst since I started my period as a child age 12
      Hysterecotmy December 06
      IC DX March 07 by PST
      2 "rescue" instills in March 07
      Cyco May 07 confirmed IC
      Uro study June 07
      1st Pain Block July 17,08
      Hydro/Cysto Nov 11, 2008
      12-11-08 was told I had alot of inflamation

      Meds: Allergic to 6 things
      Premarin......taking the gen cause I get it at Walmart for 4$$
      Presique for my drepression :woohoo:
      Abilify for my depression
      Adderall ...found out I'm ADD...makes sense now
      Kolopin for anxiety
      Noroco for my pain
      Valtrex for my shingles as needed

      Sorry if my spelling is off on the meds [/FONT]


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        You know, I saw the title of the thread and thought it was one of mine!. I go up and down so often I ought to charge my family for riding the roller coaster with me. (ha, ha, ha!) Seriously, It's ok. It's normal. It wouldn't be right if you didn't have pity parties. Look at how your life has changed. Hell, I can't work, and took my diplomas, licenses off the office walls last year in a fit of depression. Couldn't handle having a master's degree that I worked so damn hard for, and a teaching license with endorsements for a wide variety of subjects and grades. (My husband put them back up last year at Christmas, I couldn't quite throw them away)

        Ups and downs are normal, I'm learning this. just hang onto the the bronc's back and don't let go.
        I.C. DX'd following my "second hysterectomy" (the remaining ovary, that kept bursting and bleeding 2 years after my hyster/right oompherectomy, was removed in 2003. I was a special ed teacher. I am now very lost, and feeling rather hopeless in my life.

        Medications I CURRENTLY take:
        90 mgs Ms contin (45 mgs Am/PM)
        Percocet as needed
        Topomax 100mg day
        Ambien 10 mg bed
        desipramine 25 mgs

        If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.
        Albert Einstein