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Anyone else cry over having to wear sweat pants all the time?

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  • Anyone else cry over having to wear sweat pants all the time?

    I had my PT complain about them more then once and how they were baggy. I can hardly find normal looking pants that fit right. Most every pair of pants i have are baggy in the butt. Wehn I am home I wear sweats all the time. I don't wear them to the store unless I really really have to. I'm sort of wondering how to come up with the money to try and buy some normal fitting pants. I want my nice old wardrobe back but need to loose 60 pounds which is not very easy. Anyone else feel bad about this too or had people complain?

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    If I didn't have to work I'd be in sweats or yoga pants all the time!! I prefer the yoga pants, because they don't have the elastic, but just a pull string at the top, so much more comfy for our senstive bellys. And they can look fashionable, especially in black makes, you look thinner, and with a nice pair of sandals with a little heel and a nice shirt, can make a great outfit! I get mine usually at Old Navy, sometimes I can find them at Walmart. As soon as I get home from work, the works clothes are off and the yoga pants are on. Have them in all colors with sandals and tops to match.


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      Same here. I love wearing the cotton jersey yoga pants. I like the NIKE brand which I can get at Sports Authority for about $20. They last forever... are very slimming and totally comfortable. For shirts and dresses, I like Old Navy too. They have very long shirts... usually in cotton... that look great!

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        Hey Mary, sometimes I buy those sport pants with the elastic around the waist. Some of the pants can look pretty nice and comfortable.

        Sending hugs, Trishann


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          If I wasn't working in an office now, I would be in sweats and yoga pants too. As soon as I walk in the door, I am stripping off anything constricting! That was the one rotten thing about going to work in an office after hiding in scrubs for 14 years! Soooooo comfortable. Worked me into losing some weight though in a good way. Just starting cutting out the junk. In fact, I even lose the denim or khaki shorts in the summer for something knit and elastic as soon as I get home! Hang in there and pay no attention to that PT. She needs to mind her own beeswax.

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            me feel bad about living in stretchy, loose clothes.. NOPE, if people don't like what I wear they shouldn't look at me! I think you pt is out of line mentioning you wearing sweats.. you are at pt not a pagent. I hsd on psir of shorts with elastic waiste band. My stomach is killing me.. I took them off and putt on scrubs. don't fel bad k
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              I buy Faded Glory jean-like pants at Wal Mart. There is NO waistline elastic or stip. They are made of a stretchy material. I have jean color, black, brown and tan ones. They are what I live in. You can also buy them in Capri length. They do mold to your shape and fit your butt very well. No sagging. :woohoo:

              Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

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                Thanks for the great tips on other kind of pants. I have never been to Old Navy. Will have to check and see if I can find all the different styles you all mentioned. I've been having a hard time just finding the old kind of sweat pants and all the ones I have bought are way to long for me. Thanks again for the ideas.


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                  The minute I'm done with work, I change into sweatpants too.When I get sweats, I buy crop sweatpants, otherwise I have to have them hemmed. I mostly get them at Target. Cheap.

                  When my IC was really bad, I lived in long loose skirts. Summer & Fall with sandals, no stockings. Winter/Rainy Spring with knee-high boots. People just thought that was my style. Uh, no. But it is what was "in" with my bladder that year. I also bought a pair of jeans that had no waistband & was pretty baggy, came in sizes 14-24. Can't remember the brand, but it was at one of those "Women" stores, just for the larger sizes. When I was a little better, I found a brand, "Briggs", that made work pants with side zipper & minimal fabric at the waist. As long as I didn't tuck in shirts (and at my size I shouldn't anyway!), they looked great. I think I found them at Mervyns & JC Penney.

                  I still have a long denim skirt I keep just for "flare days" at work. It's a lifesaver.

                  There are ways to make dressing with IC work, it just takes more patience than before...

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                    I were the kind Sharon mentioned.. Or just elastic waist paints or shorts.. Also in the winter in the winter I wear my sweats.. Who cares what people think they are not the ones having to live with this disease..You wear what makes you comfy

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                      If you're really limited on funds, if you have a St. Vincent dePaul or Goodwill store near you, they have some very nice clothing. And you can pick up a pair of pants for $5 or less. I have a friend who buys almost all of her clothes there.

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                        That's a great idea, ICNDonna! Gosh, I get about half (or maybe more) of my clothes from those places, and I feel good that I'm helping the poor and also recycling (sort of.) I also like that I'm not spending too much on my wardrobe, and being a thrifty wife! And you can find some beautiful things in those stores sometimes. I just love going to thrift shops!

                        Long, loose skirts (southwestern style prairie type skirts, if you know what style I'm talking about) could be both flattering and comfortable, and also some maternity wear might have a lot more give in the tummy area so that it wouldn't be pressing on your sensitive bladder so much.

                        But I'm sure you look just fine in the sweatpants - everyone wears sweatpants these days, and they are very fashionable! So I'm sure you look just great as it is. But if you are kind of getting tired of one style of clothing, maybe the skirts or something might be fun to try just for a change. Sometimes it's fun just to wear something different - I think it lifts the spirit to have a "new" outfit or two!



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                          I always shop at the retail shops cuz my weight goes up and down.
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                            Waterflow, I'm staggered your PT said that to you! I thought she'd get on you for not wearing comfortable clothes!! That's truly awful.

                            Girls, I hear ya and I can top you too....I have arthritis in my left foot and last year b4 I was sick I went all over this city I live in trying to find even reasonable looking, let alone nice looking street shoes I can wear without hurting my foot and making it worse. I found nothing. I was crying then. I finally ended up getting a really good pair of hiking shoes that are kind of like runners too. Because I have a narrow foot I have to wear very thick socks with them so I fill them out and don't further damage my foot. I got by with my jeans, though I so love to wear dresses *sigh*

                            Not that I go anywhere but short walks if I'm lucky or to dr. appts but imagine how I'm looking w/ NO options to wear but stretchy track pants and these shoes. I'd LOVE to do the boots and skirts thing. On top of that my husband (who now has to shop for me) has tried twice at our local HUGE shopping mall to find a pair of decent looking stretchy pants and there were none to be found. At home I'm wearing one yucky pair that came from K-Mart and bag out very quickly. It doesn't exactly add to your good feelings about yourself or cheer you up to go like this day after day.

                            In Australia you don't have good online buying options like in the US. I've even tried to see if I could get something from the US but either they had nothing nice or wouldn't ship here.

                            In the summer I was able to wear skirts and sandals (though the $180 pair of sandals I wore stretched out quickly and really hurt my foot from overusage keeping them on and they're ugly old lady looking sandals!) but now it's heading into winter. I was already miserable and now this!

                            What kind of disease is this that causes you so much pain, doesn't allow you to have sex, eat chocolate (or in my case hardly ANYTHING because I have to go gluten free as well) and you have to dress like a slob? Am I in a nightmare?

                            It's not my tummy that's the problem in my clothes, it's tight crotches. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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                              i have your solution

                              the solution
                              The Good Will Store!!

                              i too gained some weight..but refused to spend money on fat i had no intent on staying that way

                              i went to the good will store
                              and oh my god!
                              they have name brand stuff...some even with the tags still on it

                              now you have to have patience when you go there
                              and its a 2 hour minimun ...because nothings really in order of size

                              you have to dig..but its well worth
                              i have soo many many you ask?
                              let me tell you this

                              It was NYD 01/01/2007
                              i was cleaning out my closet
                              hubby said to don't wear half that crap in there !!

                              well, thats all it took
                              i vowed that i would wear everything in there.
                              and i have been wearing and wearing and wearing..
                              and its now almost june...and i have not repeated an outfit!

                              holy moly. there must be a support group for that
                              anyway, everybit of it came from the goodwill.
                              and everybit of it is name brand

                              i still go to the goodwill..but i look for antiques now.
                              as i have way to many clothes.
                              i watch the antqiue roadshow on pbs...then i go out and look for that junk.
                              who knows..i may hit the jackpot some day

                              but please check it out

                              as for the loose weight part.
                              the easiest way for to eat nothing but cereal for a week
                              its just starts it comming off..which is the motivation i need to work out...or put down the cake.
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