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Anyone else cry over having to wear sweat pants all the time?

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    Hi waterflow,
    You should wear what is comfortable for you. I think it was very insensitive for your PT to make a comment on that. Heck, all my pants are elastic or drawstring at the waist. It is what is comfortable for me since I have stomach issues as well as the IC. I miss wearing jeans sometimes, but to be honest, I am more comfortable wearing the elastic and drawstring pants.


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      Amartiangirl--I definitely need a support group for my goodwill/deseret shopping. It's an addiction. If you don't go you might miss the deal of the century--the thrill of the hunt. I have a "goodwill outlet" near me that they charge $1.39 lb. Let me tell you you can buy alot of stuff for $1.39. I love to go there. I've only been able to go once in the last 2 mos due to surgery and then I was only physically able to stay 1/2 hr. It takes at least 2hr to go thru everything. They have hse wares and furniture too. I'm going tomorrow!!! My husband will call me in the afternoon on my cell phone (when I'm not home) and tell me before he says hello "to put it down and walk out". You'd think all I did was go to the goodwill--I do have to grocery shop sometimes too.
      I've gotten all my stretchy pants from thriftstores. I pay .50 for the pants and $8 for hemming--I'm really short. That's cheap. (I buy alot of capris too) I feel good in stretch pants, I'm comfortable and when you feel good about yourself you look good. Who cares what anyone else says.


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        I like to wear old navy cargo pants and american eagle sweat pants, but I have to say that the most comfortable thing I own are medical scrubs. When I get home, I change into them as soon as I can. They are baggy enough to not constrict "those areas" And if I have to go out in them, people will just think I work in a Hospital or Doctor's Office. I love the idea of consignment shops and the goodwill.
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          I just don't wear pants at all. Never. (oops, except to sleep in in the winter, flannel pj pants).
          I find skirts, especially the drawstring kind, to be much more "forgiving" of my IC, and my husband prefers me in them, anyway.
          How do you all stand the crotch on pants that aren't really, really loose, like sweatpants? I wore a pair of old, jeans to ride the ATV in, and had the flare from heck. It was extremely uncomfortable the whole time.
          I've been wearing skirts now for about 12 years - doubt I would ever go back to pants!


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            Check out consignment stores in your local phone book. My daughter is hooked on one here in Charlotte, and the clothes are made for her age (young teen) and cost less than half what they would new. There are lots of consignment stores for us "adult" women too!
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              girl, for a second there I thought when you said you didn't wear pants at all you were going around in your undies. Sorry, I don't mean to affend you by saying that but it made me laugh.


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                Wouldn't that be the ultimate in comfort though???

                Didn't offend me! I reread it and found it funny too!!


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                  I agree 100%. I was unable to wear anything cute or sexy for years, due to the IC and being on BC and making more fluids. I now have been off BC for 6 months and all seems well. But I have been in your shoes before. I am sorry.

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                    I wear all Lululemon products which are made for Yoga so very flexible I think I own 12 pairs of pants......pants, crop pants, tops, jackets, shorts, sweat shirts, sweat pants. They are expensive...but well worth it, never loose their shape, their colour and never wear out. I dress them up with a nice shirt, sandles or even kitten heel shoes and wear to work. I too have seen some good stuff at Old Navy......they have some good crop pants and gaucho pants too.


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                      Arly, have you tried I don't know if they ship to Australia, but I do know they have a lot of really nice, extremely comfortable shoes. They even have shoes specifically designed for people with foot problems. They're kind of expensive, but generally very high quality.

                      OK, here's what I wear at home: flannel pants. You know, they are usually plaid, elastic waist -- they sell them at Costco in packs of four for some insanely low price. With a loose t-shirt, I look more or less "dressed" rather than in pj's. At least right around here where I live, they are considered like sweatpants, and you can wear them out in public. Swimmers tend to wear them instead of sweats, and my town is a huge swimming power so everyone is used to seeing the flannel pants around.

                      I have gotten some good, v. stretchy capris at Walmart. And I often wear long skirts if I'm going out. Always elastic waists, with shirts tucked out. Or with a cami-bra type shirt, and an open button down shirt over that. It looks very pulled-together, but is as comfortable as wearing sweats. Light-weight fabric, long skirts are one of the coolest things you can wear in the summer, because you get the breeze all the way up your legs.

                      I don't have VV but I do sometimes get urethral irritation from the seam of pants. It is much better if I wear a panty-liner, that seems to keep the seam from pressing in.
                      Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
                      Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

                      Peace, Carolyn

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